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i admit i lied to the american authorities about the where abouts of osama bin ladin


I admit....I got a bad habit of biting my nails - either when am board, thinking, worried or nervous :D



i bin biting my nails since i was... grin.gif ...3-4 years old

and just quite 2 months ago (im turning 19 2morow :D )

15-16 years of biting nails!!!!!! :homer

i tried quiting enough times :WW: ...but always failed :H: ...and all of a sudden i thoguht how retarded my fingers wud turn out in the near future :| so QUITE JUST LIKE THAT!!!!! woohoo.gif

never had the cravings again

U CAN DO IT IF I CAN...TRUST IT....im a weak dude kick.gif

psssh its alrite for u to hav retarded fingaz ur a Bhajee loll :wub: my nails luk sooo messed up :sady: :) any tips on quitin? grin.gif

I admit.....holidays are boorrrinnnn NUTHIN 2 DO

also techno was right this thread jus turn in2 "person above"

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i admit............when im at work i moan about wanting to be at home and when im at home i moan about wanting to go back to work......................... :wub:

i admit..........i, too am curious about Heera Veer's non-addmittance to something he partially admitted so plz share

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