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Yaadaan Des Panjab Diyaan...

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Socheya koi gall shuru kariye...Pehllan taan ehi jann-na cha-haan gi ke tusi aiss velle duniya de kehrre konne vich rehnde o? Je panjab vich born hoye c taan pehlli vaari kaddon bahar aaye c ja pehlli vaari kaddon panjab nu gaye c (age etc.) ja fer shuru toh hee panjab vich reh rahe o...? te fer koi shotta jeha nikka jeha pall saade saareya naal sanjhi kareyo jehra tuhanu bohat yaad aunda jaa.n yaad hai...

Dhanwaad Ji!


Just thought to start some kinda topic...First of all it would be nice to knw where r u all living at this time..in panjab or in amrika/kaneda/uk watever..and if u were born in panjab and now aren't livin there wen did u first moved out (migrated to a diff country)...and finally, share a moment wid every1 here about a time in panjab...somethin u remember da most from wen u were there...

thank ju!

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i was born and live in the uk. i have only been to punjab once in 1997 and i remember random things. I think the most memorable place i visited was my mums village, ive forgotten the name, but i was just so suprised to see the small house she grew up in. no-one lives in it now, and it was in need of a lots of repairs, it is something i will never forget.

i also remember the hugeeee catfish in the sarovar at the golden temple. they were really scary!

i miss punjab

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i went there 4times

mainly i visited hoshiarpur, since allmost all my relatives are there and also in kapurthala

villages i like; jalwehra (hoshiarpur), panchhat (kapurthala), badon (kapurthala) etc

first time i went in 1995 (?) i was barely a year old

second and third time in 2001 (first during july-august for the 2 months vacations and then in december on niece wedding) when i was 6-7

and last time in july-august 2007 - when i was 12

and by god, when someone says punjab, the first thing i remember are not gurudwaras, not bhangra, not my family but !makhiyan and bijli cuts!

man i hate makhiyan

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Thank you all for sharing...

Hehe i hate makhiyaan too..te kirrliyaan (chipkalis-lizards) aaahhh, once i was sitting in my bed, and one fell on my leg..haye rabba! i hate em ever since..

*ahem* neways, I'll share some more later...umm i lived in panjab for the first 9-10 yrs of my life. I was born in Hoshiarpur, in a Pind, best place ever. I love my pind...shehar naalo vakhra hee najaara hai. But i havnt been back yet.. its been about 11 yrs.. :s

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Nice to see the topic.

especially the names of punjabi villages.So many names seem familiar to me.

Well unlike most of you I am in UK from past one year only. I love punjab and its pinds. My dads pind is "Harta" in hoshiarpur distt. (so another doabi) and moms pind is Badon in hoshiarpur distt.


You too mentioned badon but you said its kapurthala distt.I wonder if its same as my moms village.Can you check if other pinds in the area are Pajora,Panshta,thakrowal,daroli ? If they are then its the same pind. its nice to track pinds.. :s

I recommend for all those who are born and bread in west to visit punjab as frequently as possible.It will surely add a great deal to your understanding of sikhi and punjab from the grass roots. and yeah visiting Harmandar sahib is a must as many times as possible.

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oh bhaji

i mistaked badon since i have 4 massis, 1 lives in badon and 1 in mayopatti, both are soo close and mayopatti is in kapurthala so i thought badon too is in kapurthalla

and i mentioned panchhat is the same panshta, and my village is around 1.5 km from that JALWEHRA better know as JALWERA

surrounding pinds of Jalwehra include Panshta Panchhat, Narur, Nasirabad (Shekhpur), Toderpur, Nanglan, Thindlan & Chairan...

brother, do you know parry in badon? thats my cousin..

nice to see my doabi braahs

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living in australia, sydney. born in jalandhar moved here about 7 years ago.

the best thing i remember is when my brother slipped and fell in harminder sahib and i gave him the biggest lecture for not walking with care :s (the floor was wet badly as they were washing it). and after that i took couple of steps further to call mom and dad and the next thing i know i am on the floor with my eyes closed and had like 5 people asking me "bhaji tusi theek ho". if that wasnt bad enough i gave the video camera to my lil brother and badly enough for me he was recording it when i fell :angry: . had to come all the way to jalandhar in wet clothes and looking like i took a ishnaan in the saravor with my pant, shirt on :D .

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Dad side from Gurdaspur and mum from Amritsar.. so im hybrid of gurdaspur and asr district lol.. Went to boarding school for few years in malwa (bathinda)... Came to amreka ten yrs ago.. married s1nghnee who is from malwa region..

I remember the days of speeding my lml vespa thru streets of amritsar HAHA..

If not in usa.. i can't imagine myself living in any part of india/punjab except Amritsar..

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Punjab mari jind mari jaan

Janam hoya amritsar vich. yaaran naal gumay firay amritsar vich.. 3 saal pehlan manu pagal kutay nay vadaya so hun mai amreca vich bataya van :s . june vich amritsar gaya c vaapas aun nu dil nahi karda c par 2 months baad auna paya. sab do jayada jo pal yaad aunday nay oh han jo mai apnay yaaran naal bitaye. oh hasay o mojan kitay nahi labnian dubara. yaad aunday manu ohv jina naal mari laraye hundi c. dur aaa k pata lagda apnay ki hunday.

love my punjab and all my frnds

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Thank you all for sharing, saareya ne barriyan sohniya sohniya yaadaan sanjhiyan kittiyaan...te funny v hehe :D

I will try to keep this thread goin..as for me i have about ten years full of beautiful memories from panjab...jiddan jiddan koi gall yaad aiya karu i'll share it with u all. :s

I remember playing Gudiyan Patole with my neighborhood frnds (saheliyaan). We used to go to tailors' place(s) to get small pieces of left over clothing and make suits for our stick dolls...amrika ch ah ke barbies naal khedan da oh majaa ni aiya jo lakkri di ja clothing (stuffed) guddiyan naal khedan da aunda c...oh, it used to be so much better living in panjab than here. I never really liked stayin so much in skool, when i was in panjab, because i cudnt wait to play in my pind diyaan galliyaan, but here i preffered stayin in skool more than comin home and be a "stay at home kid" :D

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