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Prakash 300- Celebrating the 300 years Gur-Gaddi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Celebrating 300 years of our Glorious Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji



18th, 19th and 20th July 2008

The inauguration of eleven Akhand Paath Sahibs will earmark the start of the festive celebrations culminating with all day Katha and Kirtan on the final day with Ragis from all over the world.




All praise for organizing the event at that scale. Hope every one attends and participates - one and all.

Are all the eleven Akhand Paaths at one place? If all the Akahand Paaths are at one place, why is it so? ( don’t see why)


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Sewadars and volunteers are needed!!!!

Please contact the sewadars below if you wish to volunteer in the following areas:

§ Helping to prepare the langar.

§ Paathees for the Akhand Paaths roll.

§ Help to keep the place clean

§ Help to support car parking areas.

§ Help to support and maintain the langar hall.

§ Helping to support the Paathees and their well being.

§ Helping in the Jorrah Ghar.

Manjit Singh: 07513681077

Sarabjeet Singh: 07513681034

If there are businesses who are interested in wanting to promote themselves or sponsor this event please call Manjit Singh: 07513681077

Donations are also needed for the following:

Langar Preparation:

§ Large cooking pots and utensils. This includes stewing pots, ladles, serving spoons and large serving bowls.

§ Large quantities of soft drinks (fruit squash)

§ Large quantities of tea bags

§ Large quantities of cardamoms and fennel

§ Several quantities of disposable dishes (including cups, plates and cutlery)

§ Gas Cookers fuelled by gas containers

§ Large sacks of sugar

§ Sacks of daal.

§ Sacks of channa

§ Sacks of onions.

§ Sacks of potatoes

§ Several quantities of garlic and ginger.

§ Several quantities of green chillies

§ Several quantities of haldhi

§ Several boxes and crates of vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach and carrots.

§ Several sacks gram flour (Besan) for the preparation of pakoras and other goodies.

§ Several quantities of salt.

§ Several quantities of washing up liquid.

§ Several quantities of Bleach.

§ Several quantities of brillo pads

§ Several quantities of cooking oil.

§ Several quantities of dish cloths.

Darbar Areas:

§ Lots of large sheets to cover the floor.

§ Tailors to help to make the Guru Maharaj Ji’s Roomalay and Chandhni.

§ Flowers for Guru Maharaj Jis decoration and the in the Darbar.

§ Industrial vacuum cleaners and sweepers.

§ Quilts and blankets for Guru Maharaj Ji’s veechhaee.

External Areas:

§ Portable toilets

§ Crowd control barriers

§ Coconut matting to cover the floor.

§ Large coloured sheets (textile) for decoration of the walkway to the Darbar.

§ Diesel generators for electricity generation.

§ Skips for the disposal of rubbish.

The above list is not exhaustive and if there is anything that people feel that they can contribute and want to give towards the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bhul Chuk Maaf!!

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The program will be broadcasted LIVE for the 3 days at various times throughout the day. Times will be posted up soon, just under 4 weeks left!!!!

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