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what do you mean when Mahraj gives it,Mahraj has given his Panth the power itself and has instructed us to fight for our rights,its not a question of if Mahraj wont support us ,it is us ourselves who do not wish to fight for a free nation instead we ignore mahrajs orders of Raj Bina Nah Dharam Chaleh,and Shashtran Keh Adeen Hai Raj

'If a Sikh is not for Khalistan he is not a true Sikh' Ex Akal Thakt Jathedhar

And as SS Bhindranwale said when Harmandar Saab gets attacked the foundation stone will be laid,the Panth declared Khalistan in 1986 so no Sikh should have a reason to oppose Khalistan when all these things have happened,wanting Khalistan means you want freedom for the Nation not wanting Khalistan means we will be under forigen rule and means we will be slaves - so you choose


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IM Pro-Khalistani Singh

We are going to get Khalistan with our own strength..

Don't leave everything to Maharaj... Do something yourselves too!!!

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They live abroad, and I hope they continue to live abroad

That's nice of you!

and they do not have any right to demand on our behalf a state which we the people living in India are against.

You don't represent all Indian Sikhs my friend :)

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