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Why Do Some Karra's Shave The Hair From Your Arm?

Guest _learner_

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I would like to also know how many Kara related sport injuries have there ever been ?

i be surprised if its over 5.

My kara is part of my body and soul. I am not removing it for no one. I play various sports, like tera veer il get the old sweat band out.

There was a case, where a Bibi worked in a food processing factory, they asked her to remove her kara for health and safety reasons. She refused, it went to court and the court ruled in favour of the factory. As they proved the kara can harbour germs etc. So we could defo do with a kara that could help people in such situations.

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i had the same problem.. I had one kara that did that and the other didn't

the kara that did that was more pointed (i guess u could say) around the edge.. but the rounded sarabloh kara didn't remove any kes at all


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Guest londonjatta
what did singhs do if their hair was slashed during wartime?

loool hair does't get slashed!! Its impossible to cut hair with sword....it just moves out of way.

what if say some skin from my arm got slashed, the hair would not come off???

of if someone went for my head, and some of my beard got slashed?

Are you sure jattiye that its impossible, cos i don;t agree :p

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Guest london_Jatti

impossible. Even when skin is slashed the hair is intact....trust me we would know about this with all the battles we had.....it don't happen. btw why is a jatt worrying about this.....we don't worry about anything!

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MOD NOTE: WARNING! Again this is a topic about how one should protect their arm hair and sangants experiences with various types of Karreh! NOT A CASTE SLANGING MATCH!!! This seriously brings down the quality of this forum. So please think before you post. This continuation of going off topic and taking threads that start off in good faith and bringing them down to a negative level will result in warnings issued. All off topic posts have therefore been removed. :)

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Guest Geordie Sikh

I agree. What I was trying to say earlier was that there are times when we just have to remove the Kara. What do we do in those situations? If we are not Amritari and don't have Kesh, do we lose all identity? I say no and these are the only times that I ever want the Sports Kara to be used. I can not express this enough that it is a temporary measure and NEVER to be worn as a fashion accessory. Although I can't stop people from doing so, I, as the creator and founder want to keep the Karas purity as much as I can. It is also safer for very young children. We put a very small steet Kara on our babies knowing it could bite it and cause it's gums to bleed. Please see the message I am sending out. Our religion is one of the youngest and as times change, we must adapt and evolve with them.


Please visit my website: www.sportskara.com or see my short promo on youtube. search for sports kara.

Gurdave Ricky Singh Shabilla

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    • All these questions seem to be fine and normal to an extent for anyone who does not have an idea of what sikhee is or about. Sikhee is a path where a sikh/disciple is initiated into the reality of spirituality by Guru Jee, where the soul becomes fully aware of its limitations and the full powers of Guru Jee to be ferried across the Bhavsagar. Through Gurbani we come to know the supreme importance of Guru Jee for a soul´s salvation so to say. As mentioned and seen above in the words of Guru Jee where He tells us:  Bin Satgur kinaay na paayo Bin Satgur kinnay na paaya. Here it is obvious for us, that without the sole grace and help from Guru Jee for the individual sikh/disciple/soul, it is impossible to realize and reach Him, it is just an impossible task, howsoever one may try thousands of other tricks and methods. By these other methods, one may at most reach Swarg, Brahm Lok, Baikunth the abode of Vishnu Jee, or Shivpuri the abode of Mahadev Shiv Shankar, but not Sach Khand the ultimate and Highest realm where Waheguru Akal Purukh permanent abode is. For Sach Khand we need Guru Jee. Now as per Bani, again to be under the shelter of Guru Jee, is a matter of being blessed. In this respect the pure paviter Bani tells us:  bhoolay marag jinaay bataaya, aisa Satgur wadbhagee paiyaa. Everbody is a lost soul wandering in ignorance, and it is only by great good fortune/blessings, that one comes into contact with Guru Jee and is ferried across. In this respect, the Bani can not be more clear nor more expressive. To be under the shelter of Guru Jee, is not a matter of induction or telling somebody do this or that, and so on, but, it is a matter of apaar kirpa from Waheguru Himself, who puts us or anybody He so wants, under Guru Jee´s protection. So we must bear in mind, it matters not what one may do, but unless one follows the teachings of Guru Jee and devotedly gives oneself to Him, we will never be able to cross the Mahabhavsagar. Let us not worry for others, for that alone will happen, what is written in his/her destiny as per His hukum. For example Prithi Chand was the elder son of Guru Sahiban, yet he did not recognize Him as Waheguru´s swaroop, though he had Their darshan right from childhood. So you see inspite of being so near Guru Jee, if one is not destined so, one will never acept Guru Jee, no matter if a hundred or hundred million people tell you to do so, nothing wil happen. So just as by saying I want to go to Canada and will do this or that, one will not ever reach there. To reach Canada, we need a mode of transport be it by air or sea from India for example. So if our intention is to go to Canada, we have to first look for that mode of transport, otherwise just not possible. In a similar way, if we know through Gurbani that without Guru Jee I will never ever achieve or reach Him, let us ask ourselves, am I doing any such thing to be guided back by Guru Jee by implicitly follow His teachings, or is that I am doing what I see others do and take that for real to reach Waheguru... That is really important, for as long as we are not under His shelter, as per Gurbani we will never ever meet our beloved Waheguru Akal Purukh. Dhan Guru Sree Ram Das Maharaj tells us in Raag Vadhans: Dhan dhan Satgur Purukh Niranjan, jit mil Har Nam dhiyai. Which means: Great and good is Satguru, who is verily God Himself, and by meeting Him I have practised the "Name" of the Almighty. Such is the apaar mahima of Guru Jee.  
    • Thanks so much for this explanation 🙏🏽
    • The symbol is called a Yakash. It is a ਪੈਰ ਯੱਯਾ, older version of half ਯੱਯਾ "੍ਯ". In handwritten birhs, this used to be of a hook shape and font makers blindly copied. However it seems STTM is using an updated font that shows this ਚਿੰਨ੍ਹ properly. The uchaaran is: ਕਲਿਅੁਚਰੈ (Think of it as ਕਲ੍ਯੁਚਰੈ) Another example is: Uchaaran would be ਲਖਿਅਣ You add a sihari " ਿ " to the base akhar and then add an "ਅ" after it in ucharan.
    • https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/us-military-predicts-time-place-of-chinese-rocket-debris-crash-report-101620470619139.html Will Hit Turkmenistan.
    • https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/news/a36274393/princess-anne-opens-sikh-community-centre/
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