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babaji used to say that they didnt need sleep they would just rest there eyes now and again. amazing but true ,. i think its when we have donme so much in the day that we have to let our brains down . if we reasd our gutka sahib all day to then we would not be needing so much sleep, i think

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Actually science says that they are unsure why we need sleep. When rats were deprived of sleep they died much quicker, and when they did tests on humans staying awake, they started to get delirious. However i there is some people i know of who never sleep and remain in constant meditation. I don't know them personally but this is true. They also don't need to eat or drink in this state. It is a higher state of c onsciousnes. Attain this state and you can do abyaas all day long.

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Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, and Earth is the Great Mother of all. - Ang 8

We are bound to the mother earth. Of the earth, we arise and are an ensemble of mostly water, air, and cellular flesh. As we are bound to the cycle of birth and death, so are we bound to the daily cycle of day and night.

Research suggests that there are a variety of important things that occur at night. Firstly our brain waves switch predominantly to the lowest delta frequencies:


Meditation is almost at the level of Delta waves. Those who arise early and sincerely meditate, they can make up for hours of lost sleep with deep meditation.

The brain waves are not the only thing that alter at night.

There is a variety of re-dox systems that are enhanced at night, as well as neuro-endocrine axis. The body repairs DNA, musculature, nervous system, amongst other things. The body is in a constant state of growth, breakdown, and repair (sustenance).

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