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Sikhs Protest Against Taxation By Talibanin Pakistan


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your going to have to do something which the pakis cant respond to. that involves something which cant be labelled as 'islamophobic, anti-muslim or racial'. also remember that quite a lot of hippy ideals have crept into sikhi - some sikhs think that not fighting or pussyfooting around others is what sikhi is about. none of them understand that at the end of the day all the others are out for power. and power can only be taken from others, and as we are a soft target we get hit the hardest. and i'm on about white colonialism and hindustan as well as the the creeping islam.

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You believe the Pakistani govt GAVE sikhs money?? lol please provide evidence!

Panja sahib is sheltering 3000 sikhs and some muslims? This shows the KINDNESS of SIKHS not Muslims

Demonstrations? I'll tell you demonstrations against that fact that SIKHS are having to pay TAX Rs 1000 per year to Taliban for being Sikh, IF THE Pakistan govt want to help, why dont they pay this rs 1000 on behalf of these poor sikh families? If they cant stop the Taliban?

Manni007, grow up son. We sikhs face a multitude of problems, most of which eminate from India. In your mind you've convinced yourselves that all Pakistanis and all muslims are out to get us and this small problem has, in your mind, become the biggest problem in the world. I really shouldn't need to say much more on this subject. Over the last couple of months the news reports coming out of Pakistan and the news interviews with the Pakistani Sikhs themselves should speak for themselves. Those Pakistani Sikhs themselves have time and time again expressed their anger at Indian Sikhs trying to score political points against Pakistan. The Pakistani Sikhs themselves are such patriotic & nationalistic Pakistanis that they would probably give you a good slapping if they read the things you have to say about their country, under the guise of helping the sikhs there.

Anyway.......according to all the interviews with the sikhs themselves, the Pakistan government have ignored the muslim refugees and left them to fend for themselves, but have gone out of their way to give every sikh some substinence money to find shelter.

In fact, the Pakistan government have done so much for us sikhs the last month or so, I'm actually suspicious of why they are trying top score brownie points..........trying to show India that Pakistan treats its sikhs better than India.

But...whatever the motive.....there can be no excuse for your stupidity and ignorance...in trying to blame Pakistan / the Pakistani people for something a handfull of armed terrorist youths have done.

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Singh n ting i think ur the one who needs to grow up SON!

Dont call me son next time as i find it offensive.

All I have merely highlighted, and backed up with evidence from the victims themelseves in youtube videos are the problems Sikhs are facing in Pakistan!

You have gone ahead and made these ridicilous comments without even watching the vidoes I have posted , because had you done so you would have seen how unhappy the sikhs in Pakistan are in those videos.

What exactly has "your" beloved govt in pakistan done for the Sikhs?

The 3000 sikhs living like refugees (as SHOWN on Panorama on Tuesday 8.30pm) in panja sahib are SUPPORTING themselves!

Sikhs in other areas are still suffering and paying Jiziya ( tax) for being Sikh to the likes of Mangal Bagh ( research for yourself)

Damn right the Pakistan govt shud pay this tax on behalf of the Sikhs as they are Pakistani citizens

The Pakistani govt doesnt need to help the Pak citizens in this way as the Paks dont need to pay Jiziya!

YOU are an OBVIOUS victim of Pakistani media, which is among the most UNTRUSTABLE, Unreliable, in the world!

PS; come on then show me and post videos here of Sikhs being helped in Pakistna and of how "happy" you think sikhs are in Pakistan?

I promise you , if u post one legitimate one, i will post 10 to show how unhappy they are!

You say I am saying its the biggest problem in the world? No but to me anywehre where Sikhs are suffering is a Big problem, and right now, SIKHS are suffereing more in the Pakistan than anywhere in the WORLD, because no where else do they have to pay tax fro being SIKH, thats what our gurus fought against!

I dont want to argue with you, but please refrain from putting your own sikh down when all I am trying to do is help and create awareness!

Why is whenever we try to do soemthing it is OUR own who are the first to DRAG US DOWN??

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Ps : go the link posted by AusGill which shows the Dawn paper showing a pic of unhappy sikhs in Pakistan forced to pay jiziya !

Its at the top of this page but i quote my friend Ausgill below :

Not a Sikh-Muslim issue? Oh please...

Take a look at the latest happenings:


Of course we believe in 'Sarbat Da Bhalla', but it doesnt help when in the background they are yelling 'kafir' and imposing a jazia.

BARA: Lashkar-i-Islam (Army of Islam) has imposed Jazia tax on non-Muslims at the rate of Rs1,000 per year per person on Sikhs living in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency.

The decision was taken at a meeting between Lashkar-i-Islam chief Mangal Bagh and a delegation of the Sikh community held in Speen Qabar on Tuesday.

Lashkar Islam chief assured the delegation that if they paid the tax they would be fully protected from any threat.

About 7,000 Sikhs live in the Khyber Agency.

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Guru Arjun dev ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur ji, Guru Govind Singh ji, and their four sons sons were all Unmercifully Tortured, cut up and killed by Evil ISLAMIC fanatics, who repeatedly attacked the Harmandir sahib, yet my gurus didnt back down from these Muslim fiends, SO WHY SHOULD I?

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if you read my thread called : Sikhs Suffer Violence From Pakistani's Following Pak Victory

you will get a further idea of PAKI violence against SIKHS.


Ps : If this type of violence is HAPPENING In a Western country when PAKISTANIS should be HAPPY, what do you think happens to SIKSH living in Pakistan when MUSLIMS are annoyed OR pisssed offf?


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Coincidentally this was highlighted on panorama this evening on bbc at 8.30pm, they showed sikh refugees living at panja sahib gurdwara in pakistan due to fear of being taxed 4 being sikh or killed by taliban

khalsa aid is working there now to provide support for these families in panja sahib.

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