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A Question About Skirts/dresses

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Dress how you like, but be ready to face the consequences when the time comes. If you dress provocatively, then when people get ideas about you don't be shocked or annoyed. This goes for both boys and girls, especially for girls.

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Hi Harsimran,

First of all, why do people dress up in a particular manner ie. why is there a difference between kind of clothes worn by a person in US and a person in Afghanistan? They dress up differently because of their differences in culture and society.

There is one unspoken reality in life i.e. girls dress up modestly to save themselves from the evil eye of the most dangerous animal in the world (i.e some kind of Men). Now before you all take out your daggers...I am not generalising at all.

Girls who wear mini skirts or dress in half naked kind of clothes might feel that they are more westernised and live in a so called safe society where everything is acceptable. It might be acceptable to wear these clothes in public in a western countries where there are strict police enforcement, however if a girl wears such kind of clothes in India, then trust me..all leachers in India will be after that poor girl. So does this mean that one can wear such clothes in western countries...Nah...even though it is quite safe in these countries, but the fact is that men will always be men. Out here men put up an act as if they are not looking at such kind of girls, however trust me that secretly they let their dirty mind do all the imagining. I am a man and I know what kind of comments these guys make about girls.

So coming back to your question, should a sikh girl wear skirts....Yes they should as long as they are of a sensible length and are not very provocative. Now it is hard to define the word sensible length and provocative....There are no strict rules but the general guideline is that if you are not comfortable in that dress or if you can sense that people around you are getting attracted (in the wrong sense) then it is not apt for the situation.

One request to all people out there...lets not talebanise our sikh religion...we are slowing turning into a religion where people are becoming too rigid in their thoughts. People should change with time and adapting is the key...otherwise we will become like the dinousaurs that became extinct because they could not adapt.


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cartoon16.jpgPICTURE CAPTION: Fashion has become such a dominating force in modern society that it has eroded the principles of Humility and Simplicity enshrined in Sikhism. Not only the young, even the elderly people have fallen to its bewitching charms thereby forgetting the ethics of Sikhism.

It is a very common sight to see young girls wearing short and revealing dresses even while paying obeisance in the Gurudwaras. It seems that they come to the Gurudwara not for seeking the blessings of WaheGuru but to parade themselves.

Surely their parents, especially their mothers, can advise them to wear the appropriate clothes at least while visiting their Guru? It seems the parents too have forgotten Sikhism and embraced fashion.

Where is Sikhi going? "

Some ppl think its being kaurageous if they wear whatever they want" fearlessly"

NO it is not acceptable, wearing such manmat fashionable tight showy clothes leads to LUst,

Dont believe me ok, but if ur wearing a low neck shirt its not the other persons fault your causing for their eyes to drop,

Theres a video its really educational!

EVeryone watch it!

1,2,3, GO

This is embarassing im going to go hide and cry endlessly


baabaa hor painan khusee khuaar ||

O Baba, the pleasures of other clothes are false.

jith paidhhai than peerreeai man mehi chalehi vikaar ||1|| rehaao ||

Wearing them, the body is ruined and pained, and wickedness and corruption enter into the mind.(the 5 thieves will attack you ||1||Pause||

But y would sumone wear a skirt,

its fashion, it look good, attention, ??

If i were to wear a skirt id have this feeling of being young beautiful hot and id notice the other sex giving me attention as i desperately work for it,,

so y?

what a waste of time

Feeling Hot and looking good isnt the meaning of this life,

If we dress humble the way we would dress in front of our Guru Sahib maybe that humbleness will come into our heart,

Fashion is Fire,

You go to a wedding see sumone decked out it starts an uneasy desire inside of you that I want A decked out Suit thats better or is the latest fashion,]


What will we say when Dharam Raja asks us What have you done,

23094907402704878 hours shopping

3209403298409832094809328094809382098430982 dollors wasted

921893849380329840983240938098 hours of looking at fashion


Check out these CARTOONS !!

AKho Satnaaam Sri Waheguruu!

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women that wear such clothes are conceited and full of ego. They want to show off and want attention. Then when they have nasty red neck oakies that dont take showers for weeks on end are staring/looking at them with very bad intentions they get suprized and try to wish it away???

Why would a respectable woman wear exposing clothes?????????? ego, lust,attachment and more

All Sikh woman are supposed to go by the Khalsa Code of Conduct (as Sikhi is religious not secular) so they are all supposed to not cut their hair. SO just because they female is foolish to conform to western societies cutting hair doesnt mean its ok to wear clothes to show off her shaved legs etc. Its their fault they cant be a Sikh by action, they only are a Sikh of babbling, they claim to be a Sikh.

My wife used to be the typical female and after her 20+ years of knowing youll never feel right she finnaly understood the prinsipal of not cutting any of her hair. To tell you the truth I dont even notice it because Im not to indulge in thinking of all the junk animal like humans seem to only care about. If all you care about is shaving your legs etc then shave off your head, why have hair at all right, because you say its "gross"??? so why not be bald too :rolleyes:

Khalsa is Genderless. Feamles and Males MUST obey the laws of Sikhi to be a Sikh of Guru Sahib, other than that they are just people who like to go to the Gurdwara (plain and simple)

Without life the body is dead, without Naam the life is dead.

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1. The bana (chola/pyjamee) is a universal and good dress for Sikhs.

2. As for Punjabi dress, it includes (for women) salwar-kameez and also ghagra (a kind of skirt). Note, however, some differences between the ghagra and skirts as they are normally worn in modern western society.

Ghagras are loose fitting, and they don't show the shape of the legs or hips. They come all the way down to the ankles, and don't ride up and show your legs when you sit down. They are worn with a kind of blouse/kameez that covers your hips and thighs.

Western skirts (as worn in the modern era) are meant to emphasise extending hips and buttocks and the narrowness of the waist. They aren't usually full length, and if they are, they don't keep your legs covered if you sit down. They usually have a slit up to the knees. They are usually worn with a blouse which is tucked into the skirt.

If you modify a skirt and wear it with a blouse like a ghagra, you basically have: a ghagra.

3. If you're wearing a ghagra, you're unlikely to be any cooler in summer than if you were wearing anything else, so that's not really a reason to wear it.

4. If you want to wear a skirt to "fit in", you're likely under mental pressure to conform in other ways as well (hair, facial hair, eyebrows, kakkars), so you should probably face the source of your problems.

5. In general, clothes are seen by societies as means of social demarcation. If you're a member of a given society, you're expected to wear clothes that conform to that societies "norms". So, by wearing skirts, you signal that you accept and desire to be a full member of modern western society. By wearing a sari you'd signal that you desire to be accepted into Hindu/Hindi society. A man wearing a salwar/kameez signals his desire to be a part of Pakistani society. A dishdashah for Arabic society. Etc.

By the same token, not wearing a given society's normal clothes signals that you are different in some way. This could be seen as obstinacy by some, and courage by others.

As to what signal you want to send, that's your choice.

6. These sorts of things aren't really logical, rather, they're mostly illogical. Western brides wear white; Indian ones wear red. You can't convince someone to wear one or the other based on logic. What you desire to wear mostly depends on your level of affinity for a particular culture.

I think the answer to your question isn't really "Where is it written Sikhs can't wear skirts." Rather, it's what culture do I want to show affinity for.

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Ok, first of all, don't take this thread too seriously.. smile.gif

I'm just wondering if Kaurs can wear skirts (i don't mean miniskirts but something of an appropriate length) or dresses. The only times i've seen sikh women wearing skirt (or lengha or whatever) is in some wedding pictures. Is there some unspoken rule that prohibits wearing skirts? And that we should only wear pants? Would wearing a skirt be seen as something un-sikh? Is there some history behind it?

I was thinking that it might partly be because Kaurs are supposed to be warriors and it would be difficult to fight and ride a horse in a skirt. I've also heard at least sarees being clearly condemned because it's a hindu dress.

Anyway, looking forward to answers.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh!

My Sis Harsimran,

Well I wonder what all you are thinking and how you take the things. STOP thinking going 300 years back. Put your self down from horse its 2009 sis, Think how a girl should think in this era. Khalsa was made with the things (5K's) according to the necessities or requirement of that time.

Now grow up and respect sikhi from heart and don't think like Muslamaans (sorry to say). Live the LIFE Harsimran... becoz its actually only ONE.


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My Sis Harsimran,

Well I wonder what all you are thinking and how you take the things. STOP thinking going 300 years back. Put your self down from horse its 2009 sis, Think how a girl should think in this era. Khalsa was made with the things (5K's) according to the necessities or requirement of that time.

Now grow up and respect sikhi from heart and don't think like Muslamaans (sorry to say). Live the LIFE Harsimran... becoz its actually only ONE.


This doesnt make sense.

Khalsa is eternal, the people change but Sikhi dont. How can a woman defend if she is constantly thinking of her skirt revealing what she should coverup??? Just a gust of wind can disrupt her thinking and make her more worried about keeping her skirt from blowing around and revealing again what "should" be covered up. Wearing a skirt just means she wants to show off to guys, it has nothing to do with anything else.

Some people that claim to be "sikhs" a very very stupid. My dad isnt even a Sikh and told me yesterday he got mad when he went to the state fair and saw an <banned word filter activated> with a patka and beard drinking a beer and thinking he was all "kewl". My dad who isnt even a Sikh got offended, but some Sikhs still think they are Sikhs because of the "claim".

No true SIKH woman will wear a skirt period(the rest can just complain)

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