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Really Good Kids Sikh Colouring Book Now On Sale!

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vaheguroo ji ka khasa vaheguroo ji ki fateh

we have a limited amount of the sikh colouring book for sale, if anyone is wanting them for their city or gurdwara please give me a message and we will sort it out for you.

The book is fun and fantastic for kids to learn about the basics and core messages of sikhi!





vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki fateh

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There are a Few Books Available...


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There are definetly a serious shortage of decent Sikh Children books available. I really like the illustrations on this specific book, however although an activity book is good it has a short shelf life and once the activities have been completed the books tend to be put aside and have little chance of being passed down to younger siblings. I really like the illustrations on this specific book.

I would really request a serious of illustrated Sikh story books for a range of ages based on the format the sewadars have developed on this activity book.

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The book looks very good and bright which is good for kids.

One benti is that if you print some more, or create more in the future, please dont have gurbani in the book, (the image with vaheguru written in the background). Reason being that most of the kids I have seen that use these kind of books like doing their colouring on the floor or leave things lying around, they are kids after all! And its not nice having gurbani written on things like that. So benti please try and find some way around writing gurbani. I know some people wouldnt even write vaheguru in english, while others are ok with this. But either way please try not to use the gurmukhi gurbani shabads.

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