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New Song In Support Of Babbu Mann


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sarpanch saab what is sikh freedom ??? just do me a favor a very small favor translate a part of his song for if u can from his pro sikh movie hawayean ...


forward the song to 2:40

let me write the song for you

kavan ve sun kavan ve main vari des toon javan

mirchan varro haniyo fer jhalan na desh havawan

sadda punjab manna sada kashmir hoye ek inch chad na ni khich ti lakir hoye

haddon par atvad pau band karna hun naio sarna bi hun naio sarna

load pay gayi desh layi has ke jaan we waranga

pab chakde manak nall gabru ho put sardaran de

1.Is it pro sikh or pro indian song?

2.Whome he is refering to atvad (terrorism) in his song

3.Is it sikh flag or indian flag in the background

do translate that song first and lets see what is sikh freedom struggle ... thank you

Double check your facts before posting them, that song is NOT in Hawayein.


I never post facts without a triple check and i always have a source to back it up


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Do people know that the main version of Babbu's Baba Nanak song says "Baba has got black Audi", but in a newer edited version he sings "Baba has got a keemtee car" because he took it too far directing it at Dhadrian Wale Sant and got scared lol!!!!! And you know what????? - Dhadrian Wale had a black Audi given by someone but sold it to give money to Delhi massacre victims just a few weeks ago this November for the 25 years! This has come from reliable and very trustworthy sources because Dhadrian Wale even mentions it in a diwan when he recommends people to support the victims and article/photo in Awaz and Ajeet newspaper in India when he gave support! There is a hidden agenda behind this song from the looks of it! So much for the nindaks' arguments about helping 1984 victims and argument that Babbu was talking about more than just Dhadrian Wale! Babbu sang the song in direct reference to Dhadrian Wale! And now his chela "Trim-Singh NS Chouhan" a known drug dealer has done the same! What fools Babbu and his drug dealer chela are!!!

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-Dhadi Bhai Tarsem Singh Moranwali-

Talking about religious blasphemy in "Ik Baba Nanak Si" by Babbu Mann and in support of Panthic Parchaaraks like Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Dhadrianwale. Someone may want to record.

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Apart from the Babbu Mann issue, why did Nindaks (living in the UK) etc not ask Dhadrian Wale their questions when the Sant was in the UK, when Dhadrian Wale said time and time again on stage that people will talk about me after I go but if there are concerns people have they can freely talk to me now and clear them while I’m in the UK like Gursikhs do Vichaar...and not one person had the guts to question them in the 3 weeks. Now Dhadrian is not here, all the Nindaks have come out of their nests and acting like Soorme. Lolll!!

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