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Utmost Disrespect To Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji :x

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Your support for a man who disowns khalsa rehat shows that also belong to the same school of thought.

That is why you are a fake.

You messed in the head bud? What indicates me having a slight bit of support for him?

He is the one who has been all over the internet abusing bani of tenth master.

Are you telling that you do not know who he is?

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@khalsa girl

bhenji ki ho gaya, cud u not even see, that this guy writing some <banned word filter activated> by himself, and writing patshahi 10, leave about dasam granth ji , but it is higlyyy disrespectful toGuru Gobind Singh ji :X

Such cartoons, need to b punished .

Punish all the other ones while you're at it.

I will repeat what I mean... How many ppl are you going to punish? Will you get ashutosh? Will you get all the fake babas who take advantage of female sevadaars? Will you try and shut down all the other sites hosting such disrespectful thoughts/opinions?

If that's your goal, please start doing it, instead of having posts here.

And if you were payin attention to my earlier post(s), I CLEARLY mentioned how I didn't know of his blogs or his online comments on any such matter.

Get off my back, and start shutting down the sites that host such things. Asking me unnecessary things and accusing me of stuff isn't going to do anything.

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