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Goraya is a small town in Punjab on Jalandhar/Phagwara-Ludhiana in Punjab. Goraya and Sujaan are both 'Tarkhan' (Carpentars) castes i think.

Nahey veer goraya are not tarkhans but belongs to jatt tribe.. Most of the Goraya surname resides in Gurdaspur district (Kadiyaan etc..)

though we don't believe in any caste thingy but just wanna point it out as our pind is close to the kadiyaan and knows lot of gorayass.. smile.gif

Aww thats nice to know and yeah caste rubbish is a huge turn off ....... :)

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Sarina; In my reply, I am assuming that your background is from Pakistan side of Punjab.

Regarding Goraya, the town:

Goraya is a village ( Now a big industrial town and designated a sub tehsil. Tehsil is administrative headquarters for an area within a district). It is in Jalandhar district . It is situated on Grand Trunk Road, and also on the main railway line, about 13 miles north of Ludhiana ( Ludhiana is the biggest industrial town in India side of Punjab). Many villages in Punjab were named after the sub-caste of people who founded those. My Grand father ( he belonged to one of neighboring villages) told me that Goraya used to be a small village - only a few houses. In 1860s a railway station was established there for the convenience of much larger towns just off the GT road. However in 1930s, taking advantage of the railway station, small scale industry started to setup and the town started to grow. As it was a small village and had only a small land in its jurisdiction , most of the development is taking place in the adjoining villages such as villages Atta ( dominated by Sohal clan), Gohar, Rurka Klan' ( dominated by Sandhu clan) , Sang Dhesian (Dominated by Dhesi clan), Rurka Kurd , Bara Pind, Dhulleta (These three villages dominated by Sahota clan), and Dullewal.

Regarding the sub- caste Goraya:

Most of the Punjabis with Goraya sub-caste are Sikhs. But many sub castes extend both among the Sikhs and Muslims in Punjab (Like Cheema, Chattha, Bajwa, Bhatti, Randhawa, Mann and many more). My maternal grandfather belongs to Dhesi sub-caste of the village Dhesian. I was a bit surprised when I was introduced to an important business man from Pakistan whose sub caste is also Dhesi. Also it is a common practice among Sikhs to use the name of their village or the city as their last name, instead of their own sub-caste as the last name. One or two Goraya that I know, are using Goraya as their last name because they come from the town of Goraya, but their sub-caste is different.

Regarding the name Sujaan:

In Punjabi language - pure Punjabi , the word "sujaan" means someone with high awareness, mentally alert, and wise ( with religious connotation ). One time it was a popular name among Sikhs (not so much among Muslims), especially those from the area that is in Pakistan now. Now a days, among the "modern" Sikhs it is trend to use Hindu, Christian and western sounding names. They consider name "Sujaan" to be old fashioned. ( one of my most respected teachers was Sardar Sujaan Singh). I understand Muslim still use this as name for what it means

I really want to thank you for taking time to post detailed info. Finally, I hv some sense nockd in to me loll ...I can share all this with my family smile.gif I needed to know all this for so long now you've made it sound soo simple for me.

Everyone loves my cousin sister's name and people always ask for meaning etc of Sujaan. Now I can tell them the meaning with confidence. Sujaan is certainly unique name esp for us but it has profound meaning for sure. Our whole family is full of Gorayas nd use as our surnames loll and we happen to know loads Cheemaz , chattahz etc too

Anyway, I'll bookmark this info & thanks heaps & tons for replying: )

Best Regards.


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why you posting links in here to that hindu site??? what is the problem? you trying to say people of jatt origin don't belong here and belong on that hindu site?

lagda tusee sarde. did Guru Gobind Singh Ji not describe the origins of his sodhi clan in Dasam Granth Sahib? why must we be ashamed to be of jatt origin? we don't claim to be caste nor do we claim to be higher or lower than anyone else, only the misguided ignorant ones do. remember the sacrifices majhail jatt's have made for the panth, we are the backbone.

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    • Have they actually found the Ram Setu or even the city? I've seen claims of it being found but haven't seen much else. Most of the claims look fake tbh. Enlighten me if you got some reliable info. 
    • Second video touches upon what EUROPEANS called modern day India - thus an influence for Columbus. Inhabitants of India didn't call it India. Common name was Hindustan, literally "Land of the Hindus," and Hind. Especially considering the context when the Gurus lived. Indian/Hindu was the same thing. 
    • Not really.  The various copious texts are thousands of years old.  They formalised the caste system to control the population, to justify dividing and converting it. They have also tampered with the texts and tried to claim them as theirs, hence the fake AIT, now debunked. They have also stolen Sanskrit texts and used the knowledge to experiment with scientific facts.   But the facts are being exposed daily - with the discovery of the Ram Setu and Dwarka City of Krishna.  Now with evidence of temples being destroyed, gold and gems being looted etc.  Essentially they ransacked the country and left India destitute.  The name India was already commonplace as it was Christopher Columbus that went looking for it in 1492 and found America instead, hence naming of the Caribbean Islands, the West Indies. The current Hindu Religion or Santana Dharma has many paths to enlightenment, as everything is considered God.  That gives Dharmics full freedom to practice and interpret texts as we see fit.  Rules that apply to a particular sect/community do not apply to everyone.  Hence the reason for many Dharmas, if you will.  Certain concepts are accepted as being Dharmic, such as karma, reincarnation, the ability to obtain enlightenment in this life rather than believing in Heaven or Hell.  But essentially as we create the Universe through our thoughts, words and deeds, we can create new paths according to new knowledge or science or beliefs. So there should be no arguments on religion and generally there isn't and hence the reason why there has been an empire built on persuation rather than war.  However, it was accepted that fights/wars are usually about money/property/land until foreign invaders decided to force their way in and refuse to leave.      
    • We don't how Maharaj's hukam works in it's entirety.  Man is part of nature too so it is possible that man's interaction with animals creates adaptation. Dogs came from wolves and they would not be what they are if it was not for humans.  
    • No there isn't lol. Sikhi is Sikhi. Hope you realize that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj was also Shastardhari and they still have his weapons. In fact, Maharaj taught Shastar Vidya to Baba Budha Ji who later passed it to Sri Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji Maharaj. Additionally, Hindu used to literally just mean India/Indian. Now it means a follower of Hinduism.   
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