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Bbc'S Hardeep Kohli Claims Kirpan Is Unnecessary

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Yesterday i received numerous texts informing me the BBC are doing an article on the Kirpan and the chances are it would be negative. I did not get a chance to view yesterday so thought i would catch up today in my lunch break.

I seached good news for "Sikh Kirpan" and the following appears as the top hit.

"Mightier then the Kirpan" - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2010/feb/09/dagger-dilemma-sikhism-kirpan-schools

Upon reading the title and description, i assumed being on the guardian page, it would be written by a gora. Then i opened the link and saw it was Hardeep Kohli.

I have never been a fan of this muppet as in my opinion he makes Sikhs look like fools but once i read this article, this moorakh needs to be spoken with. After the Sonia Deol interview i would have hoped this twat would maybe show a better stance on Sikhi but this article says the opposite.

He questions the need to wear the kirpan in todays world disregarding Hukham of Guru Gobind Singh.

I know he is not a "Practising Sikh" but having so called Sikhs like this in the media simply defeats the work done by Sikh Federation and Unites Sikhs etc.

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This guy is a joke and so unpresentative of the sikh community. And he's probably a sex-pest too - he got sacked from BBC.

What does he know about the Kirpan/Sikhi? His trban is his comedy trade mark, thats all.

There are positive Sikh role models in media - like ex-itv reporter Jay Singh-Sohal ... they should be put forward to write articles and represent the community. Not people like Kphli or Deol who do what they do to be seen as the champions of liberal media.

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We are in hard times now Gurmukho. Every reply on that website (and the bbc website) is about how ridiculous Religon is and how Sikhs shouldnt wear "knifes". If only life was more simple like back in the day....

Gora - "Hey man whats that?"

Singh - "Its my Kirpan, a part of my Religon

Gora - "Oh cool!"

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The problem is people fear and have the notion in there heads that the kirpan maybe used as a weapon. The real issue should be are the kids who wear the kirpans in schools educated enough on sikhi to not pull it out if they get into a fight? There are alot hot headed kids out there.

My Personal opinion Sikhs of today put alot more empahis on the outer appearance of a Sikh than the inner virtues.

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smile.gif In My Opinion,

The New Conflict is Between Fake Sikhs (Towel Heads) and True AmritDhaari Sikhs (Royal Dastaar Crowns). The Fake Sikhs Were Forced By Their Parents to Wear Turbans Though They Did Not Want to Wear Them. They Made The Turban into a Cultural/Traditional Attire. Many Wanted to Remove Their Hair, But Could Not Because of Family, Alopecia Etc. Unfortunately It is These Towel Heads who are 'Representing' Sikhs Everywhere. These Towel Heads Have Taken Over Gurdwaras All Over the World and are Head of Committees. These Towel Heads Run SGPC, DSGMC and Your Local Gurdwaras. These Towel Heads Themselves Have No True Love for Khalsa Dharma; But They are Representing 'Sikhs' in Media and Everywhere Else. Kohli is also an Example of a Towel Head. True Sikhs Understand the Love and Respect for the Panj Kakaars. They are Inspired to Live Truthful Lives and Have Found the Perfection of Khalsa Dharma by Their Great Destiny. The True Sikhs Wear True Turbans, True Dastaars. True Sikhs Have to Represent in Media and Everywhere Else. What I will Tell You; You Won't Believe Me. But The Answer Lies in Raag Keertan with Gurmat Instruments Sung By NishKhaam True Khalsa in Chardi Kala. This Keertan Must be Shared with The World. The Whole World Will Love Khalsa Dharma. They Will Feel the Love of the Khalsa. The No Jeevan Harmonium Playing, Tabla Bangers Have to Be Removed. You Guys Do Not Understand What is Happening. Towel Heads Everywhere are in Huge Populations. These Towel Heads Don't Love Khalsa Dharma. These Towel Heads are Going to Attack Khalsa Dharma. From Attacking Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji to Attacking Kakaars. These Towel Heads are the Biggest Enemies of Sikhs. These Towel Heads Do Not Understand that Choteh SahibZadeh to Baba Deep Singh Ji Carry Kakaars. Age is Not an Issue in Divine Khalsa Dharma. What about Scissors in Schools? Also, These Towel Heads Don't Understand that True Khalsa Sikhs Do Not Dance. Towel Heads Dance. The Women are the Same but They Don't Wear Turbans. They are the ones with Earings and Makeup and Chunni Half Way on Their Heads at Their Gurdwaras. They Will Attack Sikhi From Within Too. The Women are Going to Attack The Most. True Khalsa Live in Love and Rehit. True Sikhs Follow True Khalsa Dharma. Listen Khalsa Ji. Bring Back Tat Gurmat Into Gurdwara Sahibs All Over the World. Share Tat Gurmat With the World. Have True Sikhs Representing True Sikhi To the World. These Towel Heads are An Enemy From Within. Khalsa Ji; Please Wake up And Realize The New Enemies Wear Turbans. Please Outshine Them With Your Love of Khalsa Dharma. Please Outshine Them with Your Khalsa Principles and Khalsa Love. The Whole World is Waiting For Khalsa. Lets' Show the World True Khalsa. Lets Be The Best Khalsa We Can Individually and Represent True Khalsa To the World. Khalsa Ji; Bring Khalsa To the World in

Chardi Kala!!

(P.S. Those Sikhs Who Love Khalsa Dharma and are Keeping Their Kesh (Men and Women) but Have Not had Khande-Pahul Amrit By Panj Pyareh (yet); Keep Your Turbans and Kesh in Tact! This is a Daan (Gift) and Will Lead to Amrit; Hopefully You Will Work Towards It With Love and Conviction; But Until Then Represent Sikhs Well. And Never Attack Those Who are Practicing Sikhs. Even Though You Might Not Be Keeping Your Kakaars (Yet); Don't Make It Difficult For Those Who Have Realized Khalsa Dharma. You are Not Towel Heads. You are On The Path. I Hope You Get Their Soon and Steady; Ready to Follow Khalsa Dharma For Whole Life. God Bless.)

Khalsa Ji;

Love Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji (Pooran Lareevaar Saroop)

Love Sri Dasam Patshah Bani Ji (Study and Understand; Including the Context of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji)

Love Bhai Gurdas Ji Bani (Reflect)

Love Bhai Nand Lal Singh Ji Bani (Ponder)

Love Bhai Gurdas Singh Ji Bani (Be Inspired)

Love RehitNamaas of Khalsa (Be Tyar Bar Tyar)

Love Gurus' Raags (Emotions, Feelings, Melodies, Spirit Etc; Raag)

Love Gurus' Instruments (Rabab, Saranda, Saranghi, Taous, Dilruba, Joree, Etc)

Love Panj Pyareh (With All Your Heart)

Love Panj Kakaars (With Your Life)

Hate Bujjer Kureits (For Your Whole Life)

Love Entire Palace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Bring Back Tat Gurmat. If You Want to Change (Attack) Sikhi Yourself, Why Should Guru Sahib Love You?

WaheGuruuJeeKaKhalsa WaheGuruuJeeKeeFateh

Khalsa Jis; Get Politically Involved and Aware.

Also, I Find it Somewhat a Waste of Time Preaching to 'Punjabees' to Become TrueSikhs. I Say Let Them Be. Hell With Them. Spend Our Energies Spreading the Message of Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Others. They Will Appreciate it More. It Will Be More Productive. When More People from Other Communities Begin to Appreciate The Jewels of Sikhi and Embrace Sikhi; Automatically the Punjabees Will (Punjabees Have a Follower Attitude. They Follow the 'the-masses'. Share Sikhi True Khalsa Dharma Sikhi With Everyone Else; Automatically Chardi Kala Will Happen. (Now Don't Forget the Punjabees Altogether Either; After All Sarbat Dha Bhalaa. But It Might and Will Prove More Productive Sharing True Sikhi Khalsa Dharma With Everyone Else on Earth. Khalsa Dharma is Supposed To Be Shared With Every Human On Earth. Why We Stuck With Bloody Punjabee Mentality? Go and Share. smile.gif

Also Open Khalsa Schools. True Khalsa Schools Run by True Khalsa. Not These Committees That Steal and Don't Even Follow Khalsa Dharma Themselves. These 'Khalsa' Schools In Name Only Don't Even Allow The Students To Follow Khalsa Dharma; Bloody Towel Head Non-Khalsa Loving Punjabee Committees Taken Over All Gurdwaras and Schools. Kick Them The Bloody Out. Start True Khalsa Schools Run by True Khalsa, Open True Khalsa Gurdwaras Run By True Khalsa, Present True Khalsa Principles on Sikh Channel and Everywhere Else Presented by True Khalsa Dharma Aashikhs. Go and Share. Guru is With You. Love Yourself. Love Guru. Be Happy and Smile smile.gif

Oh Yeah, and Don't Forget to Share Langar With Everyone Too. Yummm. Yummy Yummy for Me Tummy Tummy. And Spread the Fragrance of Khalsa Dharma; Everywhere; All Over the World. Yummmm….Bibeki Pure Vegetarian/Vegan Langar J

Stay in Chardi Kala smile.gif

Khalsa Will Bring Chardi Kala to Khalsa Panth and The World. All Enemies From Outside and Within Will Be Addressed Accordingly


I Wont Be Posting Much, But I am Confident Khalsa All Over the World are Doing Their Best. It Can Be in Thought, Word and/or Action. Lets Do Our Best Where We Can. Even Good Thoughts for Khalsa Chardi Kala Lead to The Right Direction. One by One, or All by One Jhatka; All Scenarios Will be Dealt With Accordingly. True Khalsa Will Rise.

LOL! Up UppP and Awwaaaaaaaaay!

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Go and see this i d i o t and ask his views face to face, take knowledgable Sikhs with you


He come to Wolves on April Fools! What's the bet he'll cancel?

I always thought that the guy was given a bit of a hard time by this forum in the past, but my opinion about him dropped after he was sacked for alledgedly being a pervert and now this article is the final straw.

p.s Re previous corresponder, referring to non amritdhari's turbans as 'towel-heads' is highly offensive to a majority that, albiet any other flaws (if any) still carry the Guru's mohur - they are not all like Mr Hardeep Kohli - he is one unique twit!

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This Hardeep Kohli guy is no Sikh - remember this...?


The BBC has suspended One Show presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli for pestering a female researcher on the programme.

The corporation said they had ordered the comedian to apologise after taking the complaint from the woman 'very seriously'

Kohli, who is one of the BBC's rising stars, has been suspended from the programme for six months to 'reflect on his behaviour'.

Last night he denied he had been accused of sexual harassment but accepted his actions had 'overstepped the mark'.

Kohli, 39, said he had apologised 'unreservedly' for his behaviour after being hauled before bosses.

He said: 'Nobody has accused me of sexual harassment. I recognise I over stepped the mark and have apologised unreservedly.'

The BBC refused to reveal the exact nature of the complaint against Kohli, which was made two months ago.

A spokeswoman said: 'Producers of The One Show received a complaint regarding Hardeep's behaviour towards a production colleague.

'She made no formal complaint and has acknowledged that One Show management took the issue extremely seriously.

'He was reprimanded and immediately apologised. He agreed to take some time away from the show to reflect on his behaviour. This leave of absence has been agreed to be six months.'

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seems like all the people in the media intentionally write/say/ do things to piss people off,.......

Controversy sells. We wouldn't be talking about this is good things were said. The media make their money based on viewer/ reader/ listener ratings numbers. The easiest way to get more people to read you article or watch your program is by being controversial.

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