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Sri Hazoor Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan Wale

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to cross it.They remained sitting there in the hope that the water would fall. This happened only when it was dawn and so it was useless for them to go with the palanquin at day time to fulfil their scheme of abduction.

They were now convinced of the great spiritual powers of Baba Ji and startded paying homage to Baba Ji in order to get their wishes fulfilled together with peace and happiness for their families.


Once the Sangat from Peshawar came to pay their respects to Baba Ji together with the child Aya Singh.They requested that Baba Ji kept the child Aya Singh at the Dera.To which ,Baba Ji agreed and replied, "He will succeed me".


The true life of a True saint is beyond human wisdom. None can describe his Supreme state of merger with the Supreme Soul even while alive. But few glimpses of what one can narrate according to his worldy wisdom must be detailed.

The true life of Baba Ji is beyond human wisdom.None can describe his Supreme state of Merger with the Supreme Soul even while alive. But a few glimpses of what one can narate according to our worldy wisdom must be written.

Sant Baba Ji possessed the below qualities and many more beyond our comprehension.

Baba Ji never showed any miracles.

However, Baba was protected by the Lord Almighty and divine help could be seen on many occasions.

Baba Ji's words were fulfilled

baba Ji did not curse anyone

His divine eyes made vanish ills aNd diseases of the devotees.

Baba Ji like the True saints totally forgot and left " I amness".His firm belief was that God and Satguru is all owerful and that He was their most humble servant.He proclaimed, " I am nothing, O' Almighty Lord and Guru Nanak, you are everything and all powerul. I am only a most humble slave".

Baba Ji conferred the gift of the Divine Name on the deserving ones.Those who wanted wealth, got their desires fulfiled.

Baba ji was completely beyond the grips of mammon or maya.

Baba Ji did not like at all his self-praise or worship in any form whatsover.

If someone made any offerings, Baba i did not touch them but left them where they were lying.

Once, the Ruler of Kashmir, Raja Amar Singh came to make humble respects to Baba Ji as He was suffering from a serious and incurable sore.He place some fruits and a large amount of costly things before Baba Ji and narrated his painful sufferings. Baba Ji replied;" Why have you bought these?" The Raja relied"These are for the Langar". Baba Ji replied "The Langar is of the sangat and the Guru.The devotees themselves bring everything for the same. We do not need your gifts. Baba Ji returned the same to the Raja. The Raja also prayed that the gift of some land for the Langar. Baba Ji refused this also.Baba Ji threw his merciful look on the Raja and uttered that the Satguru will relieve you of your pain.These words were fulfilled and the Raja was completely cured.

Baba Ji turned evil persons into vrtuous devotees

People suffering from cold, fever, paralysis etc used to come to Baba Ji. Baba Ji observed," Take bath in the stream and eat curd". This was followed and strangely enough the disease vanished.

All the sincere devotees were asked by Baba Ji to meditate on God and thé Guru and recite Gurbani or do Japji Sahib,or Sukhmani Sahib, or the word Waheguu.

Baba Ji used to come from the Gufa to the Dera in a palanquin and used to go back in the same. Ganda Mal, a devotee used to take part in carrying the palanquin. One day, Baba Ji took pity on him and directed him to go to his village to establish a shop.He was further directed to go on reciting Sukhmani Sahib. Now He was very glad and went to his village and complied with the directions of Baba Ji.In due course, He beacame very rich.

Baba Ji went to the house of some devotees who had prepared langar for all.Sometimes, the devotees became afraid on seeing large numbers of sikhs who accompanied Baba Jim, lest the Langar becomes insufficient. Baba Ji observed, " Don't worry.Cover the food with a sheet.Utter satnam and everything will be OK.

Once in the house of one devotee,Nagina Singh, more and more sikhs began pouring in. Nagina Singh was proud that He had collected sufficient material for the Langar.Baba Ji enquired from Nagina Sing as to who was the owner of the langar.Nagina singh used to think that He was the owner of the Langar.Nagina Singh was told by Baba Ji to declare that the Langar was provided by the Guru.Nagina Singh complied with this direction and his worry regarding the insufficiency of the Langar vanished. However, He thought that the material collected for the Langar would be insufficient for the whole sangat. Baba Ji went to the store room and pointing towarda a bag enquired what did it contain. The reply was, "Sir, it contains barley."Baba Ji observed, "Now, open it". When the bag was opened, it now contained rice of the best quality.

Mant times the devotees of Baba Ji residing far off used to remember him and to pray to him to fulffill their wishes. The wishes were duly fulfilled.

Once a rich man, Chandu Lall and his servant while on a business trip were surrounded by thieves in a deserted jungle.He prayed to Baba Ji for his help. Soon the thieves found that a fully armed Sikh was coming to teach them a lesson.They then fled away.

Baba Ji used to be brought in a palanquin from Gufa to the Dera. On reaching the Dera He used to take bath again. A copper pitcher full of water was used by the sangat to pour water slowly on the body of Baba Ji. This was done for a hundred and one times.The holy water flowing from his body was distributed by the sadhsangat for removal of their ailments and ills etc. Not a single drop was allowed to go to waste.

Sometimes, when a new person visited Baba Ji and the Dera, He would want to test Baba Ji to see whether He was a true saint or not..He would say in his mind that If Baba Ji called him by his name, He would become his devotee.Baba Ji used to call that person without his asking.Such events happened in the case of other true saints also.The object was not to show his spiritual powers but to change the person concerned into a firm believer of the Sikh religion.Thee are several instances of similat tests in Baba Ji's lifetime.

Many devotees prayed to Baba Ji for the gift of naam and did not want any worldly things. This was conferred by Baba Ji upon the deserving devotee.Bhai Lal Singh, the first devoted sevadar spent his life in the dera even after getting his pension. He was converted into asaint by Baba Ji. Similarly, Sant Attar Singh Ji of Reru Sahib, Sant Nagina singh, Sant Harnam Singh, and sant Dyal Singh reached the highest spiritual status through the grace of Baba Ji.

It was natural that many people became jealous of Baba Ji and would talk ill of him. Baba Ji did not care at all about this.Such persons used to suffer many ills due to their sinful deedsWhen they used to come to Baba Ji, they begged for his mercy and wanted to be excused,Baba Ji would observe, "I have done no harm to you.My master(the omnipotent)Supreme being might have done sometning without my asking.Please repeat his name and beg pardon from him.He will excuse you.Thus such persons were put on the true path.Once a sepoy of the Regiment came to make some request on behalf of an English officer.Baba Ji refused to comply with his wishes.He became angry and said disrespectful words.Baba Ji did not say anything and remained calm.That sepoy soon became ill.His mind was now unhinged.The illness became serious in a few days.Some of the sepoys who used to come to the Dera and had great respect for Baba Ji, prayed to him to relieve the sepoy of his illness. The reply of Baba Ji was as usual, "I have no grievance.But it is for the Supreme being to excuse him. His end would come soon and after his death he will be dealt with him as He likes.He should go on remembering, Waheguru.

Baba Ji merges with the Supreme Soul.

Many days before Baba Ji's journey to Sachkhand was to begin, Baba Ji announced that He would be leaving this world.He gave a sacred turban to Bhai Aya Singh and told the sangat." He would serve you all with even more zeal". His spiritual status will be very great.He then conferred his love and mercy on all the devotees.

Now Baba Ji was to go to village SaiduHe sat in the palanquin which was carried by the sangat. He passed through Mardan and Akora.

On reaching Saidu, Baba Ji stayed for twelve days in the abode of Mai Devki. He was to leave this world on the twelfth day. Large numbers of devotees flocked to the place.Baba Ji uttered, "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa;Waheguru Ji Fateh", to the entire sangat.Then he laid down and covered himself with a white cotton sheet. In a moment, His soul left his body and merged in the Supreme Soul.

Baba Ji's last rites.

Baba jI had already giiven instructions that his body should be put in a box and the box should be submerged in the Attock river. In compliance with this, a beautiful wooden box was made. Velvet cloth was spread in it. Then the sacred body of Baba Ji was put in it. Other necessary Sikh rites were performed. Then the box was taken by the devotees to the river Attock which was at a distance of five miles from that place.The sangat recited divine hymns. Flowers wrere showered on the way. On reaching the river, the final prayer or Ardass and other necessary Sikh rites werte performed.The box was then taken in the midstream and was respectfully placed there. The sacred body of the great saint soon disappeared. This happened in the year 1902.A>D. (samvat Bikrami 1959 on the ninth Magh vadi day)

A big dera was erected at the village Saidu in the memory of the great saint and large crows celebrated the the anniversary each year with great fervour.

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where is the name of Sant Baba Bhagwan Singh Ji in the list?

Veer ji , mahapursh would be right under Sant Baba Isher Singh ji along with Sant Teja Singh ji. Sant Sher Singh ji would also be there. When Sant Baba Isher Singh ji was at Rara Sahib, only 2 Singh's got to go down to the bottom story of the Bhora sahib. Everyday from 8pm to 10pm Sant Bhagwan Singh ji and Sant Sher Singh ji would go down there with Sant Baba Isher Singh ji, and were they were told that world does not exist down here there only god. Do not talk about any worldly matters down here only about Waherguru. At 10pm when mahapursh came out of the bhora sahib, Sant Balwant Singh ji (SriMann ji) would be ready with langar.

There are countless Mahapursh that were guided by Sant Baba Isher Singh ji, however Sant Teja Singh ji is currently at the main Rara Sahib Gurdwara so that is likely why he is the only one listed on the tree.


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