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**Gurbani Satkaar & Beadbi Awareness Smagam

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Gurbani Satkar & Beadbi Awareness Smagam

The Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji CONTINUES from the times of Massa Rangar - to the narkhdarees of 1978 & NOW to the current day DEVIL of DELHI - Lachman Chela Ram

Over 2,500 Guru Granth Sahib Jee Saroops & countless Gurbani Pothia have been recently uncovered in a mud-filled basement store in Delhi on 11th August.

To raise awareness of this huge beadbi an akhand paat sahib has been arranged

Aambh- 6pm Thursday 16th September

Bhog- 5.30pm Saturday 18th September

Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara Sahib

65-67 Walsall Road


WV13 2RD

Kirtan: Sukhjinder Singh and Sukhwindwer Singh

Katha: Giani Harbans Singh Ji Paramhans Damdami Taksal

Giani Gurjinder Singh Ji Damdami Taksal

& an English speaker

Kaveshari: Jagowale Jatha

A video of the beadbi will be shown at the smagam

We need to make a stance against those who disrespect our Guru

For further information contact 07960187671

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Please check the below articles regarding the gross beadbi of satguru granth sahib jee maharaj jees saroop by lachman chela raam. The articles are recent and some that date back a few years also.

Article august 2010


April 2010 - also showing pictures, video of dancing in guru jees prescence - NIJ THAO mandir


March 2010 - Beadbi at Chela Rams Mandir


September 2006


Please look through all the articles, this gives a greater insight into the actual situation

His website


Chela Rams Mandirs/institutions

Nij Thanw

11/11, Pusa Road

New Delhi - 110005

Ph. 5827404

Niraguna Cottage

11/26, East Patel Nagar

New Delhi - 110008

Tel :5710967, 5752051

Delhi Circle

Head Quaters,

Nij Thanw

11/11, Pusa Road,

New Delhi -110005

Tel : 5781643

Mumbai Circle

Nij Thanw, 9th Road,


Behind Hotel Oriental Palace,

Khar, Mumbai - 400052

Tel : 6407361, 9402653

Pune Circle

Nij Thanw,

381, Bhawan Peth,

Near Old Motor Stand

Pune -411042

Tel : 651415

Recent Events Concerning the beadbi

CLASH AT GURU DWARA Moti Bagh, with Sarna at Delhi.

Today I, along with some Sikh friends went to Gurudwara Moti Bagh, Delhi to celebrate Gurupurab. I had some pumphlets with me to distribute in congregation there. I just wanted to aware the sangat that Sarna himself is involved with Laxman Chelaram. I had the proves. Some Sikh youths came to help me and started distributing. Within no time goons of Sarna came and asked who was disributiung, Sikh youths signalled towards me. Those goons hold me from my arms and thrashed to the office of chairman. When I reached at his office, they pushed me inside. I found 3 more Sikhs were held illegally and were hold by goons of Sarna. Just by the time I was pushed in, Sarna too entered in the room and signaled his goons and said 'MAARO' I protested to it and said tell me the reason. He shouted and asked me the reason to distribute pamphelets. I replied to aware the sangat of your involvement with Chelaram.

At this he got irritated and he talked something to his goon. At once I was pushed and abused than dragged to his table, someone punched me thrice at my back. Sarna spoke to me to be careful in future or that I'll be taught a lesson.

When I got straitened, I was amused to see that a goon of him attacked on the head of the Sikh with his sword, who was pushed towards wall. He just turned downwards and saved himself. The picture of Guru Gobind Singh ji was hit and fell though was not allowed to fall on ground by someone present there. I could not see his face. I was already in pain but regained my half consiousness and saw the other Sikh who was caught hold by three goons of Sarna was Kaptaan Singh. He is tough guy but at that time, he was overpowered by goons.

When he saw the attempt on his life, he resisted and released himself from the grip of those goons. Now these goons and Sarna himself clashed with a young boy(Name not known) but Sarna was abusing that youth. That youth too responded him in same manner. He was so annoyed that he would have hit Sarna as he was abused as mother-f*****. He was immediately overpowered by his goons. He was caught hold badly. A sikh ahd taken him in his grip from behind and others had hold him from his arms so he could not hit. Had he been released, Sarna would have seen the darkest day of his life.

When all this scuffle was going on inside his office, Sangat started gathering outside and started to protest against Sarna. At this Sarna got nervous, he signaled his goons to free us and so we were released. When we came out of his office, another goon tried to hit a chair on Kaptaan Singh but a youth from sangat pushed that attacker, he lost his balance and fell down so Kaptaan singh was again saved by Guru ji himself.

Then ladies present there got furious, they pushed open the door of office and cursed Sarna as BETTER YOU DIE EARLY. YOU HIT THE SANGAT.

Someone had given a call to police, Police was already deployed outside Gurudwara which entered inside the premises, controlled the public by there appearance. Some Sikhs were whisked away but on protest of Sangat, they were released. I called the Lieutinent-Governor of Delhi to seek his help and his intervention but I was told that he was not in Delhi. Then through some top source, I was connected to the DCP of Delhi, who assured me full help. I was given assurance and that an ACP of police shall visit me. Though they arrived late as they were busy somewhere but I had a long discussion with him and another Inspector of Delhi Police. Now we were taken to same office where we were dragged early and provided seats to handle the issue. I narrated the mishappening with me, the threat to me by Sarna as to face dire consequences and that it could be repeated in future and we may not be labeled as hooligans whereas we are attacked and forced to complain you.

On his direction, I went to the nearest Police station at Dhaula kuan and lodged the first information reportr. Whether any action is taken against Sarna and his goons or Delhi Police show it's partiality with Sarna, that only time will tell.

We Sikhs have become helpless in Delhi. He is misusing the money of Gurudwara by keeping the goons like Jagirdar at the expenses of Sikh sangat and threatens, thrashes and humiliates the GurSikhs who ask any question from him about his mal-administration and misusing of Gurudwara funds or his involvement in anti Sikh activities.

I appeal to all Sikhs of the world to stand beside me and give me their support so that he may be forced to behave properly and answerable to Sikh sangat. He should terminate the services of his goons and should answer the question raised in Sangat, not in his office.

Please stop funding DSGMC and never allow him to speak in any congregation until he does not reply the allegations.

The allegations are;

• What action taken against the editor of Aastha magazine which published derogatory remarks against Guru Gobind Singh ji?

• What action was taken on recovery of sarups of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji from Nij Thaon mandir of Laxman Chelaram in March 2010? Why did you return the sarups to temple again? Are you not aware of Sikh code of conduct that no Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib can be done where the idols are worshipped and other anti-Sikh activities or festivals are held?

• On 11th August 10, the sarups of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were recovered from the basement of Laxman Chelaram, floating in muddy-sewerage water. Neither you visited nor you sent any of your authorized person to survey the damage or to supervise the task being done by Sikhs from all part of Delhi despite heavy rains?

Read full story at http://www.proudkhal...h-sahib-saroop/

• You replied that you were away but why did you not send any of senior member of DSGMC? Was it not your responsibility? What for you are the head of DSGMC and represent Sikhs of Delhi?

• Next day, when you visited the Dera Baba Karam Singh ji, you surveyed the damage and visited each and every room where the saups were placed. While addressing the sangat you said," That you assured of a stern action against Chelaram or those responsible for this dis-respect" At this I intervened and asked you if you are giving assurance truthfully? You replied"Yes".

At this I interrupted and addressed the sangat without loudspeaker that "Sarna ji, when sarups of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were recovered from Sindhi temple of Laxman Chelaram, had you taken any action that day, we Sikhs would have not seen this day in disgust and sorrow."

By hearing my these words you left the stage and walked out of Gurudwara. You were tried to stop by Sikh sangat but no, you did not stop. Then sangat got irritated and tried to pull you out of your car but your driver was smart, he took you away but Sikhs (in their frustration) attacked on your car and kicked.

You have a hair of pig in your eye so you did not stop and ran away like cowards.

Please read full story at http://traitoroussikh.blogspot.com/'>http://traitoroussikh.blogspot.com/

• The same questions were asked by a Sikh Jasbir Singh at Shalimar Bagh Gurudwara from you on 22nd August but your goons stopped him. At this he published 10,000 posters of full incident and distributed. Are you not ashamed of you?

• You have converted the newly built rooms into a Hotel which were constructed by the Sikh sangat at their cost and land of Gurudwara, for the stay of Sikh sangat visiting from all parts of world. How dare you to charge Rs. 750/- per night from the Sikh visitors? Is it a luxurious hotel or a place for the comfort of Sikh pilgrims? Have you ever noticed the charges at Mata Kaulan niwas and other places at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar?

• You did not allow the Akhand path in the sweet memory of the Sikhs martyred in 1984 aftermath of assassination of Indira Gandhi at Gurudwara Bala Sahib in November 2009. Why? Kuldeep Singh Bhogal lodged a complaint at Akal Takhat in this regard.

• You have sold the parking built by kar sewa at Gurudwra Bangla sahib in 2005 to NDMC. The Sikh pilgrims are liable to enjoy this free car pareking uptil 2030 only. Afterwards the NDMC shall charge parking fee from the visitors to Gurudwara and the parking shall be taken under control of NDMC/Delhi givt.

Thus you have sold this parking and have made an agreement to handover it in 2030 to Delhi govt, means the Delhi govt shall make its entry in Gurudwara premises and the day is not far when they will intervene in other religious matters too.

Why did you did it and sold this parking? You are not going to suffer but our next generation shall pay for your historical mistake. You have plyed a role of JaiChand in Sikh history by giving entrance to Delhi govt in Sikh matters. Shame on you.

• Now you are going to build another parking at Gurudwara Rakabganj, Space is less and story is longer so please read athttp://groups.google...wara-Rakabganj.

• How do you charge for the marriage of a girl in the Gurudwara whereas you are supposed to give some gift to the bride and groom, to promote Sikhi? The money offered by the gathering of both side could be more than that you demand or expect.

It must be free of cost.

• The recent controversy of Phoolka ji is fresh in the minds of Sikh sangat. You were defamed throughout the world but you never come forward to help the victims of 1984. You have oimposed a ban on all preachers at gurudwara Bangla sahib (Due to direct telecast) to not to refer 1984. No preacher ever talks of 1984 or about the role of Congress govt, or the preptrators of Sikh genocide. Why? Are you afraid of your bosses in north block?

• You announced gold plating inside Gurudwara Bangla Sahib without bothering the views of Sikh scholars, learned persons and other religious persons. Please read full report at http://groups.google...-dividing-sikhs

There are many more complaints the Sikhs of Delhi would be having with you but they are feared as you have a force of goons. They attack on every that person who dares to ask you any question in relation to any of your foul play.

Sarna ji, you shall have to answer these questions. Don't think that you will be escaped so easily, even if you shall not be the president, sangat has a right to ask you the answers to these questions.

Now it is up to you whether you like to answer or not.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



Can we leave this in the main section please, and is it possible for the sikhsangat banner to be updated high lighting the current huge beadbi happening in delhi. Thank you

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Waheguru Jio,

If we look at the issue in the States a few days ago whereby a church pastor was going to burn a copy of the Quran...





This was just one Quran.......

Over 2,5000 saroops, poothiah, senchia of Maharaj were mutilated and disrespected...........yet the sikh nation sits quietly looking around at each other.......

Please attend and partake in the sewa of spreading the message of this tragic events and lets pray to Akaal Purakh that we too are given the courage and strength to unite to protect our Guru's body from being subjected to such horrific torture....


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Best wishes for the success of conference. May satguru bless you charhdi kala.

On a side note i will be very hesitant to accord respect to baba baljit singh daduwal

especially when he was a part of world sikh convention organized by Sarna to show resentment

over Darshan ragi excommunication.Daduwal was asked about his role when he visited canada and he had no answer.


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