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Black Magic


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Because he is NOT in magic vodoo cult blinkin world!!!!

Listen, don't take offence, None of us have the right to say who is and who isn't right.

However, we are all Manukh and we are all Sikhs. Lets help each other learn, as that is what a Sikh is -A learner.

Bottom line,- There may well be some mumbo jumbo damned voodoo and black magic crap.

As sikhs, we have the treasure of Gurbani

This treasure of Gurbani can overide ANY damned Harry Potta dude or black magic witchcraft.

We shouldn't care if it exists or doesn't, We should focus on the Gurbani and Paath.

This way, even if this crap does find some damned way into your house, it won't be able to touch you.

Sikhs do NOT live in FEAR and we Don't FEAR.

WE ONLY LOVE, Love the lord and love the Gurbani...

Waheguru Satnaam

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