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Breaking News: Sacrilege Of Multiple Guru Granth Sahib’S Saroops

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Uttar Pradesh (September 14, 2011)–A new incident of sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s saroop has taken place in Uttar Pradesh. This incident took place in village Haridaspur, district Pilibhit near Bareilly in which two saroops of Guru Granth Sahib were severely manhandled. According to the activists of Dashmesh Khalsa Fauj, which is actively working to stop sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, one saroop was burnt and other was torn apart, causing sacrilege of over 70 angs.

There are reports of damage being done to the building of the Gurdwara Sahib as well but to what extent the destruction was done is not known yet.

Police has made one arrest although the name of the arrested person has not been publicly released. It has been disclosed that the arrested person belongs to the local Muslim community and has a record of criminal history. He has been arrested on two counts of theft in past. According to the details received from the Dashmesh Khalsa Fauj, it is unlikely that this person is behind the sacrilege. At this point it is too early to point fingers at anyone, although individuals who could benefit from disturbance between Sikhs and Muslims could be behind the incident.

It is known that Sikhs and Muslims have strong relationships in nearby villages and such an incident had not taken place in the past. More details about the incident will be released soon, along with pictures of the sacrilege. The Sikh24 team, a global Sikh media outlet, appeals to Sikh organizations based worldwide to take a step to stop the increasing sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s saroop.

This breaking news has come to the surprise of the entire Sikh Nation as just about one month ago, a similar incident had taken place at the Udhampur Nalan village near Morinda in Punjab. Such increasing sacrilege cases are on the rise in Punjab and Sikh organizations are battling forcefully to ensure proper Satkar of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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No what we need is the recalling of all saroops from gurdwara's and people who cant provide 24/7 security. We are talking about our Guru Ji why is no security being provided and any fool is allowed to go up to the guru and tear birs out or set on fire.

What kind of idiots are running our institutions? I gurantee more of these incidents will take place because its a test. Its a test to see how fast the Sikhs will react and how strongly. Back in 80s Sant Bhindranwale said anyone who is caught doing these kinds of acts will not be forgiven hit squads were sent to pump these demonic criminals with bullets. That time has come again.

Any person who is caught doing it should receive the death penalty either the government does it or Sikhs take action themselves and any person (ie granthi and co) who is in possession of a saroop and cant provide security should be given at least 20years in prison so that a message is sent out to the community you will be held personally responsible for the safety and sanctity of our Guru Ji.

Might want to ask the freemasons SGPC what action they are taking. Contact these people here http://sgpc.net/the-sgpc/index_eng.asp

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Pilibhit is in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and this area is another Gujrat in making . MP of this area is Varun Gandhi who once said


I dont want to blame Hindus but this time i have a feeling there can be a hand of Hindu extremists .

I will soon post video in separate topic showing what exactly is going on in eastern U.P.

Aditya Yoginath is the leader of Hindu right wing in eastern U.P and he is incharge of famous Gorakh Nath Temple . This guy is mentor of Varun Gandhi and under his instruction Varun spread venom against Sikhs and Muslims .

We need our own militia now some say we have militia in the form of Nihungs but we all know many of them are good for nothing.

What Bhai Amrik Singh ji is doing should have been done by Nihungs.

I know Mr Musicman will say another anti Hindu post .

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It would be wise before pointing fingers at any other community to first look at what our community is doing to safeguard our holy scriptures and our places of worship.

Where did the criminals who are doing these sacrilegious actions getting saroops? Which gurdwara is unguarded and allowing this to happen?

First look at our own community's failures of lack of security and sanctity and you will find the solutions brothers and sisters. There are twisted political people and organisations out there who want us to think its Hindus doing it or Muslims doing it, lets first secure the saroops. And deal with miscreants after evidence has been gathered.

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