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Why Can'T Sikhs Be Nice To Each?


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Guest KopSingh

Sorry, I am letting off steam here, was really upset with numerous instances that have occurred. There are some wonderful Sikhs and know many many in the community, Sikhs young and old etc.. there are lots of them, I have many acquaintances. There some wonderful Sikh females, some I would go as far as saying great in the east end. But the opportunity to 'connect' on a spiritual level, discussing talking about issues, seriously and other things, there are not many, they are all too busy, well so am I. But not busy to help other people and I have always, but when it comes to people supporting me, all I see is backs turned and always, which is why I see the logic of our teachings, but I am only human and human being need 'real' friends. Or do they, why have I called myself Gurukameet, and my name is obvious, for one reason only, our only friend is our Guru, Guru Granth Sahib, so when instances like what happened on Sunday occur and this is not the first one of this kind, there have been numerous, I feel spiritually stabbed and other women's behaviour reinforcing my own poor views of SIkhs I feel really down and upset. When your only friend is the Guru and these things happen in the Gurdwara then it hurts even more, more than anything else hurts.


hey bhen ji my advice is to move to west london where sikhi atleast is practised a bit better. i have gotten some dirty looks from amritdharis in the past because im a mona (cut-hair), but they dont realise/know how much simran/meditation that i do, they dont know how much knowledge i have in r religions past history, also alot of them havnt got the jigraa (bravery) that i may have. they have kirpans which r jacked off them by thugs on the street. wats the point in being amritdhari n bein over weight! saint soldier not saint fat soldier init. i too have encountered problems wit sikhs who jus arnt nice 2 each other. how many amritdharis pick up their kirpans wen their sisters honour is bein tested? none. not generalising all baptised ppl but alot r cowards. remember most sher-e-panjab members were monas, n sum died and doin life sentences in prison 4 our community! honestly how many amritdharis r ready 2 do that. Altho southalls sikhs r still militant, mona or amritdhari!

thats my rant

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Generalisation much? Yes there's not that many Sikhs here and there are a fair share of problems (trust me i know!) but there are also many good gursikhs aswell. Just checkout the fortnightly youth show from 7 kings gurdwara on Sikh channel for instance, or the fact that the gurdwara is housing the majority of homeless Sikhs in this area every night, there are sevadars who go to see them every day, slowly helping them get back into normal. if you were watching the last east London youth show you would have seen there's even a polish gentleman growing his kesh because of the love and support he's received at the gurdwara.

Also I don't know what gives you the impression that Sikhs here aren't middle class, majority are doing very well, lots of successful businesses, loads of Sikhs are and have been mayors, councillors etc.

I wasnt trying to offend. I'm sure a lot of good is done there. But at the same time the things that happen there lead to attitudes and mindsets like the OPs which are self-defeating/corrosive and ultimately self destructive. I just want people to do better and not being near the problem areas or joining with people who you like is a lot better than letting this build up.

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It is not a class issue, my late mother in law was illiterate but she still read Jap Ji each day all day, sang shahads with the ladies and was such a nice lady, always helping others in the community. There is still strong divisions between castes, I go to all Gurdwaras. I don,t identify myself with any group at all, but when you do venture out to a different Gurdwara, people are suspicious, or try to join a group again entry levels are high, especially with Sikhs, but I have had English, and many other groups who do not have strong divisions and are happy to come and visit and we go out. Not to worry:-, I will live.

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    • I do sometimes think that the function of a gurdwara has expanded to things that were not expected before. We expect them to be political institutions, we want them to be social clubs, we want them to be creches, we want them to be daycare centres. 
    • there's too many Kenya Singhs in those kinda gurdwaras, really chummy chummy with the goras and politicians, fixo the beards to the max and younger generations just trimming it instead of getting into the fixo malarkey, lack of open beards and turbans you can take off like hats, don't make for intimidating or annakhi singhs. I heard that pakistanis try to pickup girls from the Slough Ramgharia gurdwara.  They need to join with the other 2 gurdwaras in Slough to help them out, they can't act like the elders did where they split from the Singh Sabha gurdwara because they were too aggressive, now is the time to use that aggression.  And the Guru Maneyo Granth gets nationwide sangat on Sundays, so just use those numbers in Slough! in these gurdwaras, gyanis and sewadaars are known by the regular sangat, and regular sangat is close knit. Activities and panjabi schools are also good as most of the same children come.  In both areas, I don't like the lack of cooperation between Ramgharia and Singh Sabha gurdwaras. Overall it's a benefit to have gurdwaras in at least 2 different locations in big towns and cities. But it's bad if they don't cooperate, especially in major issues that Khalsa is known for. Ramgharia gurdwaras like to rep up Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia, with the Slough gurdwara even having a statue. But the lack of keeping Khalsa rehit, looking too scared and cowardly to keep full beards or open beards, not acknowledging the Khalsa Nihang Singh mentality of Jassa Singh and being stuck in the kenya Singh mentality, not even willing to read Chaupai Sahib properly during Rehras, and many of these Ramgharia gurdwaras are not even willing to keep basic rehit of allowing sitting on the floor for langar and allowing shoes inside as well, all these behaviours aren't working for chardi kala of the panth! It's like they are trying to keep their own type of sikhi, it's not even a tradition, just being stuck in their own box, they are not in the colonial British army, or serving in the world wars, or making train tracks or some other jobs for the gora, why do they behave this way, this archaic stuff in gurdwara? And doesn't do justice to Jassa Singh Ramgharia, who would have been a rehitee Nihang Singh, annakhi Singhs who defeated the enemies and kept in the brotherhood of the Khalsa with the other misls, even after their whole misl was excommunicated expelled from the panth, they still rejoined the Khalsa and helped defeat the enemies! I don't see them trying to integrate with the rest of the panth in the ramgharia gurdwaras, not like Jassa Singh, obviously it's the elders who instil these mentalities, with some of the youngsters trying to connect back into sikhi!
    • Try get CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy. It is a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions. It can help overcome anxiety. In the UK you can self-refer to a professional service offering CBT therapy. I know a few people who have had this and it helped with their social anxiety. 
    • Apne were getting married at stupidly young ages in the past.  My great grandmother had my grandfather when she was just 13.  There was a time when the life expectancy in India was just 40. Thankfully this is no longer that common but I've read in very backwards parts of Punjab it still occurs.  No excuses for it in today's age. And even when it did happen in the past it was between two similar aged people, not a 65 year old an a 9 year old. 
    • That does seem to be a thing in more isolated areas. But I like those kind of gurdwareh. 
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