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Can You Take A Video Of An Amrit Sanchar?

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In no way what so ever should a Amrit Sanchhar be recorded.

Then what's the point of the pehardaar? for a show?

There can be no Kaala if we start making into a joke. This is a very serious step for anyone wishing to step on the path of Vaheguru. Who in there right mind would want it be recorded.

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But its for people to know what happens in an amritsanchar Bhull chuk maaf

Taking Amrit is something you experience. You can use a million words or videos to show whats happening, but nothing will come close to describing the feeling of taking Amrit and receiving Naam from Guru Sahib. As Kaljugi said, lets keep some things off YouTube.

Moreover, if you are in an amrit sanchar, you are either there because you are doing seva or you are taking amrit/ pesh. Either way, the least of your concerns should be about filming it.

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