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Msg To My Sikh Sisters And Brothers In Punjab.

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The situation of Punjab is quickly escalating into a lot of violence and a lot of videos and news is being circulated in an unorganized manner. In hopes to organize the material with hopes to establish proof against human rights violators in Punjab it is essential to document ALL abuses, whether it is with a video camera or the pen.

Keep a video camera on you at all times and don't be afraid to use it. Upload all documented footage onto YouTube for others to download.

For Sikhs in general with internet access, go to www.KeepVid.com and download all videos you see where beadbi or rights violations occur to ensure they are not lost. Once the video is downloaded take pictures of frames from the video where police officers or beadbi offenders are shown.

An example:


Try to find videos (even the example I posted) and post as many screenshots you can with a caption telling the name of the video or event.

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A reminder, those who can, please try to find videos and post them here and/or take screenshots like I have.

All you need to do is click prnt scrn key on your keyboard (or fn+prnt scrn key) and then paste the image onto Paint. You can upload it onto the SikhSangat server or use tinypic.com

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We need to get the western media to report on panjab police with real footage and not just online.

If we write to them will it help .

This will automatically occur once we start making personal videos like above. We first need to organize what we've got.

You are right though, we need to write to western media outlets and tell OUR SIDE of the story before the Indian government conjures lies and hopes the western media only looks at their POV.

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Son of a <banned word filter activated> trouble-maker on youTube posted this comment underneath the above video.

whatsss da problem with Sikhs......why r they always so agitated????......they behave like Taliban

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    • Exactly. Take it out on the cops. Why target the chai-walas / the small business owners? 
    • It's interesting to note that Bhai Vir Singh in his editions of Bhangu's Panth Prakash removed references to Singhs looting in their conflicts with Mughal authority.  It looks like our ancestors considered looting a valid tactic against oppressors? Maybe creating anarchy amongst the domains of perceived oppressors is really about stretching their resources and undermining their authority - as well as an opportunity for material gain?  
    • How would you describe the Sikh relationship with police stations historically?
    • There was mass starvation and poverty in china until they changed their economy and started producing everything in the world this last thirty years. That and buying up land and debt all over the globe.  They're situated very differently now, massively different, but it was at a huge cost to the environment, and their people.  Their seat at the table was bought with slave labor for three decades, but they've produced everything the world needed for next to nothing and managed to buy themselves up and out and almost essentially in charge. 
    • That barndancing stuff has gone way too far in my opinion. When outsiders start to define our people by these things, you know something is going wrong. There was a time not long ago when random people, seeing your kara, would say: "Are you Panjabi?" and then start pointing upwards and moving their shoulders up and down, going "balle balle". It's clownish.  I'm not saying that it should be banned, but the central role this type of crap plays in our society right now is damaging. It's shallow, looks gay and is usually craftily wrapped around insidious ideas of caste. We need to be going in another direction altogether. When younguns are going to 'Vasakhi celebrations', and generally getting the idea of it being a good ole knees-up, missing all the important themes of Khalsa (sacrifice, unity, bravery, honour, equality, political and social self-assertion, military confidence etc.) that define our dharam and helped our ancestors overcome unbelievable challenges, we are just dumbing them down and failing to impart any identity of depth to them. When we have our young girls dancing around on stages for all to gawp at (like what commonly happens these days), it just encourages the stereotype of wantonness and dumbness to communities who like to infiltrate these events but would never allow their own daughters/sisters to act this way.  Let's not even talk about the whole drunkard thing wrapped around this culture too.......    
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