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I'm in.

I'll tell you some good 'superfoods' for your detox : Alsi (flaxseed) and Tulsi (holy basil) All too often we dismiss the recommendations of our elders as being ill-informed or without scientific me

My mum made alsi diyan pinniya. Problem is, can you still class them as healthy with all the sugar that goes in them?

Spirulina contains about 60% (51–71%) protein. It is a complete protein containing allessential amino acids, though with reduced amounts of methionine, cysteine and lysine when compared to the proteins of meat, eggs and milk. It is, however, superior to typical plant protein, such as that from legumes.[2][7] The U.S. National Library of Medicine stated that spirulina was no better than milk or meat as a protein source, and was approximately 30 times more expensive per gram.[8]

My Butt! Guess I was wrong :(

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Here are some suggested meal ideas for everyone taking part, you don't have to have something from this list. The aim of this is to change food choices to a healthier option, it's not intended to be a diet and you should eat suitable portion sizes for your age/ gender.

Drinks: Herbal tea/ freshly squeezed orange/ apple juice/ water/ milk/ squash


  • Porridge (recipe on discussion forum)
  • Weetabix with milk
  • Special K with milk
  • Shreddies with milk
  • Shredded wheat bitesize honey nut with milk
  • Yoghurt, fruit and cereal
  • Toast with jam, marmalade

Morning Snacks:

  • Yoghurt
  • Grapes
  • Raisins/ Sultanas small handful
  • Nuts/ seeds – unsalted
  • Crackers with cheese
  • Juice
  • Soya dessert/drinks
  • Toasted teacake (not too often as it’s white bread usually)


  • Toasted bagel spread with soft cheese light/ extra light or jam
  • Pasta with veg – mushroom, peppers, sweetcorn, cougettes, tomatos, vegetarian sausages (I prefer Vegeterian’s choice from Holland and Barratt)
  • Sandwiches/ wholemeal rolls with cheese and tomato or homous and salad or soya slices
  • Home made alternative to pizza with salad
  • Salad with a soya burger chopped up (lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomato, kidney beans, butter beans, seeds, a few cashew nuts but not too many)
  • Roti, dhal, yoghurt, salad

Afternoon snack:

  • Banana, pear, oranges, apple etc – two portions of fruit
  • Chopped up carrot, pepper, celery
  • Pot of custard/ rice pudding as a treat or something from the morning snack list


  • Roti, dhal/ sabjee and small amount of yoghurt and salad
  • Dhal and brown rice with veg/ salad (too much soya isn’t good for men so you’ll have to eat lentils more times than I will)
  • Vegetarian lasagne (home made, I use Asda vegetarian mince and whole wheat lasagne sheets, dolmino tomato sauce, veg of your choice (aubergine, mushroom, tomato, pepper, cougettes) and cheddar cheese) with salad, you could add a few steamed mini potatoes
  • Soya nuggets (Fry’s from Holland and Barratt)/ burger with beans and salad, potato (mash/baked/steamed/roasted)
  • Cheese and Leek lattice by Linda McCartney with beans and salad (not too often, it’s pastry based)
  • Soya buger with veg (steamed carrots, cauliflour, spinach, broccoli, sprouts, sweetcorn, cabbage – you choose – I usually have 3 different ones) and you can have beans as well or a potato/ mash

Evening snack:

  • Strawberries and yoghurt or as a treat Weight Watchers thick cream and a slice of shortcut pastry
  • Toasted teacake with hot milk
  • Soup, bread, salad
  • Salad with a burger/ nut roast
  • Cereal with milk
  • Crackers with cottage cheese and pineapple
  • 2/3 Fig rolls and milk

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As mentioned under other health and fitness topics, breakfast shouldn't be missed. Personally I don't agree with cutting out any particular food type as our body needs the right amount of everything to function correctly. My personal aim is to try and reduce the amount of processed food by eating more roti or fresh home made meals. I am not looking to loose/ gain weight, my current diet consists of the foods mentioned above. Instead of chips I am opting for baked/steamed/jacket potatoes, brown rice instead of white... I already eat wholemeal bread and pasta. In terms of processed foods, I sometimes have Linda McCartney sausage rolls which I have taken out of the list. The biggest cut back for me is on biscuits and chocolates. I rarely eat crisps. I tend to eat up to 8 times a day. I prefer to eat little and often, so three meals with a number of snacks in between. You will see from the menu options above I am suggesting you eat 6 times a day.

For me this is day 4 of my healthier lifestyle and it's going well.

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Great idea.

To OP you got wicked eating ideas; looks like your a food specialist of some description (I could be wrong though) so my question is how would you get someone who physically can't eat normal amounts of food (due to eating disorder) to start eating normal portions again? (Your recipes sound yummmy). ps: they are eating less than what they should by far due to fear of "gaining" weight. Mafi for off topic.

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Had a cup of saunf-lechee di chaa and some bhujiyaa a few hours ago.

What?!!? :biggrin2:

On a serious note I've reduced my intake of bread (despite consuming wholemeal / brown bread since I was a child) and it's worked wonders for me in terms of feeling less lethargic. Don't know why because bread and roti (plus the usual suspects daalah and sabziya) is all I've ever eaten because of veg diet. I'm also eating a fair amount of fresh salad with every meal and have been doing for many years now.

Next step is to start training.

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Great idea.

To OP you got wicked eating ideas; looks like your a food specialist of some description (I could be wrong though) so my question is how would you get someone who physically can't eat normal amounts of food (due to eating disorder) to start eating normal portions again? (Your recipes sound yummmy). ps: they are eating less than what they should by far due to fear of "gaining" weight. Mafi for off topic.

Gurfateh jee

Bhenjee thanks for your message about someone. I am not a food specialist by profession but I have gained some knowledge of food and nutrition over the years. A person with an eating disorder can eat normal amounts but they choose not to for whatever reason, sometimes it can be associated with weight gain but there are many other things that could contribute.

Bhenjee eating disorders are quite complex and I wouldn't be able to give you a quick fix solution but I understand them very well. Perhaps you could message me some more details about this person, such as age/gender, how long and which disorder they have been diagnosed with, whether they are/ have received any support. I don't know how much you know about eating disorders but I think the first step to recovery is recognising that you have a problem and wanting to get better. Is he/she at that stage? How much do they weigh? How underweight are they, if applicable?

He/she may benefit from cognitive behaviour theory, if they have visited the doctor (assuming you are from the UK), the doctor should refer them to a specialist unit to offer such support. They will help to explain the damage caused by not feeding your body what it needs and then should support them with the changes they will have to make.

Is he/she amritdhari or do they read any gurbani? I would suggest that they read/ listen to sukhamani sahib every day (in addition to whatever they already do) and then do ardas infront of guru jee to help them recover. I think the one thing that on a sikhi level helps is remembering that these bodies that we call our own, belong to parmathma. If they begin to realise that, it makes it easier to let go.

The important thing here is that they must want to get better, if they do then they can slowly start introducing bigger portions or foods that they have excluded from their diet. He/she will need support and the greatest support with come from faith in maharaj and by reading/ listening to gurbani.

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I decided not to buy juice today and instead I bought a bottle of 1.5L water. Had that over 4 hours period. breakfast was a missi roti again with dahi.

Lunch was two spicy fajitas with activia yogurt.

Dinner was do rotiyans with daal.

1 hour Circuit session at the gym as well.

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the next day pizza again, and pizza and pizza

Can I suggest you find something more productive to do than post unwanted messages on this thread please. I am sure there's plenty of other things that would be more benefical to you, perhaps find a good book. I am sure there are plenty of recommendations under one of the other topics. Thanks.

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