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2nd annual Toronto Singhs Camp 2012

Thursday, May 31st - Sunday, June 3rd

Circle Square Ranch (Brantford)

Come experience a weekend full of spiritual Workshops, Kirtans, Sports, Gurbani Vichaar, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Archery and lots more!

Registration opens April 1st.

Limited spots available.

Ages 14+

April registration $110 (Early Discount Period)

May registration $150

For more information visit



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£150 a bit steep?

150 (can$) is peanuts. Try going to any local non-sikh camp and you won't find anyone cheaper than 500$. Typical YMCA cost 600$ in my area. 3HO camps fees are also above 300/400$ range.

I will always suggest such Sikhi based camps to charge more in order to bring more uniqueness to camps. Those who want to learn Sikhi genuinely should be able to spend any amount and such high fees will filter fokkay time pass Karan wallay attendees. They have bibian version camp too something called kaurs power camp.. something like that..

Few years ago, I registered space for my sister for a similar type camp and she decided to leave after a day? Not that she is not into sikhi but she found it below basic level and more like socializing than a learning one. Uniqueness and Quality should be more important. Typical Sikh camp follows the same structure for the past decade.

Never been to Toronto Sikhi based camps but maybe next year we will see if we can come to ur place jaspaul Singh :) good luck to the team this year !!

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Sadly our people generally want everything for free, especially when it comes to Sikhi. This is one of the main reasons our progression as a kaum is at so slow to non-existent. We don't invest in quality resources, yet invst multi-million pound Gurdwara and extentions left, right and centre.

Until we make 'Sikhi' something of value again things will not change. We need highly educated Gyaanis/Parcharaks/Kathhakars, classically trained Raagis - who don't just know 1 raag (to start the set) but know all the raags of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth sahib and sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib, as well the folk musical elements in bani. They should also be highly trained in tanti saaj and jori. Gatka Ustaads should not be 2 week Masters, but peopel who have trained seriously and have a high level understanding of fighting applications (with and without gatka) who can train people in fight scenarios, weapons and mutliples in real situations. santhiya teachers should also be professionally trained over a respected time period, havign taken santhiya from a respected institution and personality i.e. Taksaals, Nirmalay etc. They should also nkwo santhiya of Braj, Sanskriti and Farsi.

There are many other aspects of seva too.

Next question is where do we get these people from, which should by the way, frequent every Gurdwara in the world...

We need to make these opportunities of seva viable and highly respected career options. To invest the necessary time to give high quality seva, requires money. We expect everyone to be grisht, but how can these sevadaar give everything to seva and be expected to live on pennies (Gurdwarai pay less than minimum wage to resident gyaanis)...?

They are expected to see rich sangat come in once a week, do paid ardaas for them, read for their paid akhand paaths, and watch their kids get every opportunity, whilst they are not able to give the same to their own kids.

In Gurus Darbaar - kirtani, gyanis etc were paid by the Guru himself. Guru Sahiban didn't pay pittance to the servents of the court, but lavished them from with the sangats maya. In those days kirtanis/gyanis/dhadhis of the darbaar commanded respect near the same level as the Guru himself, because they were representing him.

Today, people chuck a £1 at the kirtani, and don't bother to talk to them outside of the darbaar.

We complain about the low level parchaar and kirtan in our guru ghar, but you get what you pay for.

Just imagine if we could give patronage to every kirtani or parcharak to be trained to the level of Bhai Balbir Singh or sant Singh Maskeen Ji? Imagine if these sevadaars frequented every Guru Ghar...

Sikhi would flourish and blossom beyond recognition.

We should happily pay (generously) for quality seva and support any good Sikh initiative going . Only then will our kaum progress.

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Good thoughts Khaalis.

S1NGH - you are welcome anytime!

$110 is the fee right now, early bird discount which ends on Friday.

AFTER that the fee goes up to $150.

If you need more information, please visit singhscamp.ca........ got a few singhs coming from abroad, do consider, going to be really GOOD!

Check trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg-6GslklQE

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