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In no particular order, just taken from playlist I use to rip audio off to put on my ipod... Can only embed 5 videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sB-G5LQGII&

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Shri Anand Sahib : The keertan of bliss.

If ever one feels down for any reason, like despair, betrayal, shaken faith, krodh, or even if one just wants to listen to His mahima, then just listen to this Shabad, it gives unexpressable joy  and renewed strength to the mind and soul.

Sat Sree Akal.

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    • i mentioned this a while ago...i noticed why his videos are apniya half naked wearing karas, dancing and Muslim is singing about daru! I messaged few organisations and some were like i know but he sang songs about Sikhi..Raf....well obvs if he wants to be in the Panjabi/Sikh scenes.. There is another singer EZU..i always seen him commenting on apniya Panjabi ig accounts with 'xxooxx'...and his music videp 'jannat' has well known dancer Manpreet toor as main girl.. Honestly you can not even blame M's anymore..you'd never see Pakistani girls with Panjabi Singer video esp about sharab! Shame how much self-respect has diminished from our kaum..the modesty innocent Panjabi culture is gone..full of tamasha and jaloos for the world to see.. You have the likes of Jasmine Sandlas who made JATTis sharab common and apniya girls drinking normalized ..she'd be singing on stages and smoking weed..  
    • Yeah. I hear that. Can't fix it, just be in the top 5 percent for Sharda and call it good. The rest is Har Kirpa. 
    • I might say something controversial, but if a Kaur is strict in her Rehat, she can find a rishta much more easily than a guy who's strict in his rehat, because of how demographically screwed the system is. 🤷‍♂️
    • Which is why we should not give an inch and in fact redouble our efforts to protect Kirpan. The thing about Kirpan is it's designed so you don't have to ask permission. You state what's True and then do it. ..and maybe drop it last second so you can fly, but after you record what you need to sue them. Court? I'm not going unless I have to, so Ima try and take that Kirpan. And if they say no, then I guess I'm not going. I'd stay dead silent until I had my Kirpan and the contempt charges dropped. They can hand it to me like a taking stick, lol.  "Where were you on the night of the 5th?" ... Ahem... *Reach out hand for Kirpan* Plenty of people ripping our Dastar off without us helping. 
    • Technically a lot of places like airports and courts don't allow kirpans, but it is still an undeniable Kakkar.
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