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Another Sanataani.

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My question is why are you even promoting this? The mere layout and the content of this makes it clear no one in their right mind would take him seriously - ever.

It's not even an academic blog, it's just his personal beliefs filled with inaccuracies

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This person vehemently denies any gender inequality, caste discrimination or any negative attributions of Hinduism

a person just has to watch the film Bandit Queen(1994) the real life story of Phoolan Devi, a low caste woman who was abused and raped by the high caste Hindus, the film truthfully shows how bad the situation was for low caste people in th e 80's and 90's.

some of the arguments are ridiculous, he shows a picture of Guru Nanak painted in mid 19th century and says it proves that Guru Nanak was a Hindu. How can a picture painted 300 years after the Gurus birth prove anything.

Jin Ki Liv har charnee laagee, teh bedan teh pey tyagee

those who were devoted to the feet of the lord, they abandoned the vedas

jin mat bed kateban tyagi, parbrahm keh pey anuragi

those who abandoned the path of the vedas and katebs, they became the devotees of the lord.

Guru Gobind Singh ji(Bachittar Natak)

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I wouldn't be surprised if he is a chela of Niddar and it just shows how much mischief Niddar has done to the Panth.

Thats what I think. Thats why I am making a big deal.

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here is another article aimed at disproving the snatan ideologists and their misconceptions - http://www.shastervi.../unique-khalsa/

Khalsa Unique and Timeless not Snatan

Many snatan­ists like to claim that the Khalsa is an off­shoot, a con­tinu­ation or arm of the Hindu Snatan Dharam that was prev­elant before it. Snatan­ists are quick to ref­er­ence paint­ings and pic­tures or men­tions of devtey and mis­con­strue it as affil­i­ation, wor­ship or pro­pog­a­tion. A closer look is advised.

Guru Gobind Singh ji explained the cre­ation of the Khalsa in the Bachit­tar Natak as a new begin­ning, one that was devoid of the ego, con­fu­sion and fail­ure of snatan dharams that came before it.

In Bachit­tar Natak Guru Gobind Singh Ji nar­rates his con­ver­sa­tion with God. Within this con­ver­sa­tion Vahe­guru describes the utter fail­ure of snatan dharam that had come to be in the world before the Khalsa.


When I cre­ated the world in the begin­ning, I cre­ated the igno­mini­ous and dread­ful Demons.

Who became mad with power and aban­doned the wor­ship of Supreme Purusha.6.

I des­troyed them in no time and cre­ated gods in their place.

They were also absorbed in the wor­ship of power and called them­selves Ominipotent.7.

Mahadeo (Shiva) was called Achy­uta (blot­less), Vishnu con­sidered him­self the Supreme.

Brahma called him­self Para Brah­man, none could com­pre­hend the Lord.8.

Then I cre­ated eight Sak­shis in order to give evid­ence of my Entity.

But they con­sidered them­selves all in all and asked the people to wor­ship them.9.

Those who did not com­pre­hend the Lord, they were con­sidered as Ishvara.

Sev­eral people wor­shipped the sun and the moon and sev­eral oth­ers wor­shipped Fire and Air.10.

Sev­eral them con­sidered God as stone and sev­eral oth­ers bathed con­sid­er­ing the Lord was of Water.

Con­sid­er­ing Dhar­ma­raja as the Supreme rep­res­ent­at­ive of Dharma, sev­eral bore fear of him in their actions. 11.

All those whom God estab­lished for the rev­el­a­tion of His Suprem­acy, they them­selves were called Supreme.

They for­got the Lord in their race for suprem­acy. 12

(Bachit­tar Natak, Sri Dasam Granth)

So Vahe­guru thus sent Guru Gobind Singh ji to start a new path as all that had come before had failed to pro­pog­ate the truth . Guru Gobind Singh ji replied…


I stood up with fol­ded hands and bow­ing down my head, I said:

The path (Panth) shall pre­vail only in the world, with THY ASSISTANCE.“30.

So Guru Gobind Singh ji was born as the tenth form of Guru Nanak to change the his­tory of the World and its people forever. Wheras people before were wor­ship­ping Devtey(Angels) or Rakhsas(Demons), or pro­mot­ing their own wor­ship, the Guru sought to change peoples ways

Thou hast med­it­ated on mil­lions of Krish­nas, Vish­nus, Ramas and Rahims.

Thou hast recited the name of Brahma and estab­lished Shiv­alingam, even then none could save thee.

Thou hast observed mil­lions of aus­ter­it­ies for mil­lions of days, but thou couldst not be recom­pensed even for the value of a cowrie.

The Man­tra recited for ful­fill­ment of worldly desires doth not even bring the least gain and none of such Man­tras can save from the blow of KAL.97.

Why doth thou indulge in false aus­ter­it­ies, because they will not bring in gain of even one cowrie.

The can­not save them­selves form the blow (of KAL), how can they pro­tect thee?

He explains that if those higher beings or avatars could not save them­selves from death then how could they save you.

Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Con­sort of Sachi (Indra) would ulti­mately fall in the noose of death.

(41, Sri Dasam Granth,)

Here guru Gobind Singh Ji talks of the Snatan texts that were most revered at the time. He clearly encour­ages us to aban­don the old snatan texts.

None could com­pre­hend the Lord, but instead became mad with ‘I-ness‘.16.

Nobody recog­nized the Supreme Essence, but was entangled within him­self.

All the great rishis (sages), who were then cre­ated, pro­duced their own Smritis.17.

All those who became fol­low­ers of these smritis, they aban­doned the path of the Lord.

Those who devoted them­selves to the Feet of the Lord, they did not adopt the path of the Smritis.18.

Brahma com­posed all the four Vedas, all the people fol­lowed the injunc­tions con­tained in them.

Those who were devoted to the Feet of the Lord, they aban­doned the Vedas.19.

Those who aban­doned the path of the Vedas and Katebs, they became the devotees of the Lord.

(Bachit­tar Natak, Dasam granth)

Guru Gobind Singh ji fur­ther makes his beleifs clear by mak­ing a very power­ful state­ment in Bachit­tar Natak.


I say only that which the Lord hath said, I do not yield to any­one else.

I do not feel pleased with any par­tic­u­lar cos­tume, I sow the seed of God‘s Name.34.

I do not wor­ship stones, nor I have any lik­ing for a par­tic­u­lar guise.

I sing infin­ite Names (of the Lord), and meet the Supreme Purusha.35.

I do not wear mat­ted hair on my head, nor do I put rings in my ears.

I do not pay atten­tion to any­one else, all my actions are at the bid­ding of the Lord.36.

I recite only the Name of the Lord, which is use­ful at all places.

I do not med­it­ate on any­one else, nor do I seek assist­ance from any other quarter.37.

I recite infin­ite Names and attain the Supreme light.

(Guru Gobind Singh ji, 137 — Sri Dasam Granth)

Why would Guru Gobind Singh ji make these stat­ments if he was not try­ing to difer­en­ti­ate the Khalsa from oth­ers who came before and the tra­di­tions and actions of the snatan people who came before them?

There is no doubt that guru Gobind Singh ji came to start a new panth that was con­cerned with justice and the pro­pog­a­tion of the time­less Lord, who was not sub­ject to birth or death.

In due time Brahma appeared in phys­ical form; in due time Shiva incarn­ated;

In due time Vishnu mani­fes­ted him­self; all this is the play of the Tem­poral Lord.383.

The Tem­poral Lord, who cre­ated Shiva, the Yogi; who cre­ated Brahma, the Mas­ter of the Vedas;

The Tem­poral Lord who fash­ioned the entire world; I salute the same Lord.384.

The Tem­poral Lord, who cre­ated the whole world; who cre­ated gods, demons and yak­shas;

He is the only one form the begin­ning to the end; I con­sider Him only my Guru.385.

(Kabeyo Bach Benti Chaupai, 2259, Sri Dasam Granth,)

The Guru ref­er­ences the devtey in his lit­er­at­ure for the pur­poses of his­tor­ical edu­ca­tion, and examples of the past to be learnt from, wheras the snatan­ists mis-trans­late this as a way of pro­pog­at­ing the same old snatan ways the Guru came to break us from.

The Third Panth(besides Hinduism and Islam) called Khalsa Panth has entered in the world

All War­rior Singhs are enlightened (spir­itu­ally) and have worn Blue Robes.

Guru Gobind Singh — Ugrad­anti Sahib.

In Both Religion(Hindu and Islam) the hypo­crisy and fraud edu­ca­tion is Prosper­ing

Make Khalsa third panth pivotal and Dom­in­ant

— UgarD­anti, Chand Six, Verse 17–18)

Do not wor­ship one who born or die

and wor­ship one Akal (Time­less), Atal (can’t des­troy), immor­tal Lord

— UgarD­anti, Chand Fifth, Verse 13–16)

We do not dis­respect those who came before us as Vahe­guru says that he made all of the devi, devtey, gand­harvs, sid­has, mohameds, bud­has, yak­shas, rakh­sash, etc, but Guru Gobind Singh ji’s mis­sion was one to break people from the old snatan ways and to embrace the Pre-snatan AAD SACH, JUGAAD SACH, HAIBHEE SACH, NANAK HOSI BHEE Sach — eternal sacha pitaa gar­eeb nivaaj Sri Akaal purkh Vaheguru.

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ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਨਾਦੰ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਵੇਦੰ ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਰਹਿਆ ਸਮਾਈ

The Guru's Word is the Sound-current of the Naad; the Guru's Word is the Wisdom of the Vedas; the Guru's Word is all-pervading.

 ਗੁਰੁ ਈਸਰੁ ਗੁਰੁ ਗੋਰਖੁ ਬਰਮਾ ਗੁਰੁ ਪਾਰਬਤੀ ਮਾਈ

The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi.

This is from the site, and this is a measure that i always apply to see who really understands these lines.

firstly sikhitothemax i beleive is the first translation to be used on a great international scale, have translated this line as such and it is from this wrongly translated line that the hindu world take great delight in "proving" sikhs are hindus.

the actual translation is The Guru OF Shiva, the Guru OF Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru OF Paarvati and Lakhshmi.

But although i have tried it is not possible to change this on the actual sttm thatwe use at the gurdwara, anbd so the confusion continues.

sorry dont know why itr has appeared like above.

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