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Such feelings come into mind, when there is nothing in this world you can stick to.. You have no connection or good feeling to anything here. Furthermore as you said , nothing 'dramatical ' has happend in your life - that does mean that you are waiting for something to happen -you want something to happen - that effects you. You feel helpless, not heard and lonley... And if you ask yourself the question : And take stock of yourself - you will come to the same conclusion. You need happiness in live - a person you can trust ... that makes you laugh... Make you feel that you are wanted here - makes boundaries with you .

I would like love to help you - but need more Information.

Ever heard and tried 'Sikhi Helpline'? Altough I am not from 'Britain', I would embosom you to do this.. It needssome self conquest - but just try it.

BTW: Do you do any physical activites?

Maybe you make an account , so I can help you out about - but if you don´t want stay anonymous :)

Sat Siri Akaal

Don´t be down in the mouth!

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Guru Sahib blessed you with Amrit which means you should be a brave daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaaj

Do Seva as much as you can, it will definately make you feel better. Do you do alot of seva?

You do have your rehet , naam simran, all the nitnem intact right? This is very important. Guru Sahib is our doctor. He knows how to make us better. If you follow him, no sadness will ever touch you. Do you try to do all these?

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feel worse than ever right now. Igo to the school gym-that is the only sports activity, and i walk daily to and from.

I cry whilst running on the tredmilil, cry in my exams im fed up with myself.

I keep rehat with gods grace, so far ive tried my best in sikhi aspects.

But dont have any force/power supply in me.

i feel dead already-just a walking zombie.

Everyone just takes advantage ofme aswell.

Dont understand me at all-i mean AT ALL.

i walk away from my group of mates all the time-go and sit in a corner on the grass at dinner.

sometimes i go to the gurdwara and just gaze at the walls and cry.

compleely fed up. 'akk gey life naal'. full stop.

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With all the great supportive help already given and suggested by our fellow brothers and sisters - I urge ANYONE that feels sad/depressed/lost etc to Japp Naam (of course) and also please get a full blood test done - SOMETIMES if we lack certain vitamins/minerals etc etc in our body - our body and mind will react in anyway possible to show that it's not fully 'happy.'

Guru Ji ki kirpa I work in medicine and believe it or not sometimes if we don't have enough WATER in our body - our body can become depressed/angry etc - Guru Ji has made our body absolutely amazing - we should atleast try to see are we nurturing it correctly. Make sure you get enough outside air too (go into your garden, park etc - being indoors can depress you.

Bhenjee you are young (18! :) - you have SO much to look forward to e.g. a glorious Singh to marry some day, beautiful adorable little babies

On the whole ANYONE that's feel down etc dont give into negative thinking - consider it to be Kaljug - whenever you feel sad etc - think of it as a trigger for you to do Simran.

Also - having lack of actitvity in your life can make you feel sad; how can ANYONE of us think 'we are ready to die' - how many of us have done ATLEAST one Sehj Path of Guru Granth Sahib Ji? We havent even met our Guru Ji in Person (Ang 1 - 1430).

3 things:

- Blood test

- Drink water, get fresh air - change your surroundings - go to India

- Do Sehj Path of Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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sorry i haven't replied for a while-I just kind of lost hope and thought there was no point trying. I have just read the replies.

I could not be 'busy' enough which makes my mind wonder around, but i will say something. Obviously i haven't accomplished anything like avasthas etc, but this is what i have done. Im writing in the gupt section so don't think im in haumai or anything because i really am not.

Maharaj has been mercy, I have done santhiya and sehaj paats along once with a teeka aswell for understanding. I do malas and I have a strict amrit vela so far-gods kirpa, and a rehat which some people would say is very strong aswell, ther is always space for improvement.

I have started to look a bit daunting recently, dark circles from crying and not sleepig and lost weight, I weighed myself yesterday and when I told my mom because she saw me, I got a really long speech abou it and she forced me to eat a roti and I was so sick afterwould I had to run to the washroom and I didn't even tell anyone. Ivs gone really pale too. It is like this, I am already in a astat and people don't try and make it any easier by just telling me off about thhings that don't matter to me. I was drinking water and sitting with members of my family and I couldn't control myself I just started feelig water in my eyes and I cried quietly and hid as much of my face as I could in the glass and tried to cover my eye with strands of hair then when I got out into the kitchen I just completely broke down in tears and was down on my knees then my brother come and I lie saying I bashed my head really hard and think iv'e broken my leg. I could go on forever. Things like this happen continuously with me (them really awkward unexpected moments of crying.....).

I have tried paat, concentrating but i never feel happy. It isn't that I am angry at god or life, im just sad, that really is the only word i can think of, sad. how else o i describe it.

By the way, someone said earlier that i was expecting something to happen and nothing dramatic has happened. I just want to make that clear, I don't want anything dramatic to happen as such, I was just stating that nothing tragic has happened, because that is usually what people think has happene to me.

I didn' t also say that I am a strong fearless inghni that isn't afraid of death, I just lot hope for all aspects of everything. I am no true singhni, lionesses wouldn't think of 'dhendi kala'. It is just me, a really bad sikh, who doesn't appreciate life, the gift that gods gave us. I am just bored and tired and fed up. People have so much happening to them like bad sad stuff, and they are still happy, why can't I be happy and jolyy for once.

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