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I'm not sure if I've found the right place for what I'd like to discuss. Feel free to have a read and if you can offer advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm 22 years old now. I was Christened as a baby but my upbringing was standard for living in North East England and there hasn't really been any religious way of living (i.e. attending place of worship etc). Although, on record, I am registered as being Christian, I don't see myself as being Christian. I haven't exactly got a religion, but I do have beliefs:

I have a wide range of knowledge of all of the worldwide major religions. I find sense with some aspects and not so much with others. I believe in God, however, I believe that the concept of God is too complex for humans to understand. I pray to keep my mind at peace and to make sense of any issues going on in my life.

A lot of my time is dedicated to helping people less fortunate than myself, whether that fortune is lacking in a financial/facility or health (lately, it has been mainly health).

That describes my beliefs in a nut shell. In the past, I haven't sought to fit my beliefs into any category of any of the religions that I am aware of, until recently; I met a Sikh girl who I have become good friends with.

I would like to learn more about Sikhism with a view to possibly becoming a Sikh. I have thought about visiting the Gudwara in Newcastle but I am not sure how I would initially approach people inside or whether or not I would be welcomed. I don't know the etiquette that I must follow inside the Gudwara and I don't want to offend. I simply want to learn more.

Thank you for reading; if anyone can offer me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Im sure people will focus on one line you wrote and then maybe get to the other parts of your question later, manly do you like this Girl and is it because you like her and see a future together that you are looking to become Sikh so that you are more favourable to her parents if it gets serious down the line.

As for if you want to learn about Sikhism there are basics and the deeper stuff from the reality of life and why we are here and the Truth of whether God is real and what it means.

So I address the Basics

1. We are created equal man and women

2. We are to share with our family (the world) what we earn and our food it was our 2nd Guru (prophet) who created the open kitchen which is open to all regardless of wealth and status

3. We bow our heads to the Knowledge and light which is within the Guru Granth Shiab Jee, bowing our head is recognition we are followers of that teaching

4. We meditate on the Naam of the lord which is what gives the mind peace from the chaos in the world

These are the basic of Sikhism it goes much deeper explaining what the Mind is what sin is how we free our self from the net of Falsehoods.
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Wow that is amazing! Well what I'd say is look through interesting topics on here for a start, check out SikhiWiki it's like Wikipedia but for Sikhism. Also there's amazing lectures on Sikhism on youtube i.e. Basics of Sikhi, Bhai Vijay Singh, Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa, Bhai Rajinder Singh & Bhai Jagjeet Singh. As for how to approach people i'd say just go for it and ask questions, everyone is welcome in the Gurdwara regardless of race,caste,creed, status etc. Hope this helps & Good Luck! :biggrin2:

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People of all races are welcomed in Gurdwara. You can go with you female friend and maybe she can explain things going on inside too :) It's beautiful, and don't forget to eat Langar there (Holy food offered) :)

And feel free to post any questions or clarification you might have about Sikhism.

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Great :D

But remember getting inspired is far different then following it..

take time to understand sikhism..... but once u understand it well u can find almighty himself helping you out through walk of your life....

All the best :D

Be with ur sikh friend she will let u know more in practice.... :D

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