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Saada Haq | Punjabi Movie | Releasing April 5, 2013


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Sadda Haq, truly our Haq.

With the advent of the 5th of April the Sikh nation will, once more, be plunged into it's not too distant but bloody past. For the first time in Indian history a film has succeeded in surpassing the heavy censorship restrictions placed upon "anti-Indian" films. 'Sadda Haq' or our right is a visual retrospect on the Sikh militancy. It depicts the true plight of individuals, from an independent perspective, who turned to violence as the only vaible answer for their maltreatment at the hands of a theoretically democratic state. The film follows the life of a rising sports star and his journey from an innocent civilian into one of the nations's most wanted man. It showcases the actions, the reasons and the catalysts which inspired loyal, patriotic man to turn against the very nation which they blindly paid obeisance to. For many Sikhs this film will be a heart-piercing blow. A majority of them, during the militancy days, witnessed and participated in events which are mentally ingrained into their very psyches and mindset. In the aftermath of Operation Blue star the Indian state ordered a brutal crackdown on Punjab. After widening the ever-growing gulf between Sikhs and Hindus, the excuse that "a Hindu genocide was ongoing in Punjab" granted the state the right to apply it's armed forces in a non-democratic and non-humane manner. At first the militants fought only in self-defense, they were composed of ex-servicemen and students who were agitating for the restoration of political and humanitarian rights to Punjab. However after the state's expulsion of democracy, in Punjab, the militants became an organised force who targeted armed personnel, politicians and any individual who due to state powers persecuted Sikhs or anyone who supported them.

The Sikh militancy might as well be the most whitewashed event in history. Even today, to preserve appearances, the state labels not only militants but also innocent civilians as terrorists and instigates them in false cases and places them under lock and key. All this, in order to placate it's own image and openly declare that if anything than the militants are at fault for disturbing the norm of civil life. The film not only rebuts such fallacies but also analyses and essays their effect on the public, especially the Sikh population of Punjab. It is a visual rhetoric which explores and critiques the significant destruction, dissolution, and dispersal of a revolution and it's aftershocks. The magnetizing aspect of the film however lies in its character casting. All the fictional militants are dual opposites of real life militants, who at the moment are residing on death-row. The central character is an exact carbon copy of the legendary BKI chief, Jagtar Singh Hawara, in terms of personality and even appearance. The narrative constructors, behind the film, have relayed all the events of the past decade in the film. Right down to the slap which Hawara gave to a Hindu extremist outside court in 2011. The question though which arises out of all this is whether the film takes an apocryphal stand against Indian nationalism, or solely against India's role in the militancy. The answer to such a question differs, especially due to the fact that two perspectives are concerned. One, the film highlights the treatment of minorities in India and takes a stand against the state's Machiavellian politics. Or two, the film is a plea for unity through diversity and targets murderous politics. But again these are only perspectives adopted before the film's release, and one will have to watch the entire film to gain an idea of its stand.

Ultimately though the film is a lesson in the past and how to avoid it's mistakes. For now the wait is on to see whether "Sadda Haq" truly talks about our "Haq."


Oh and guys labelling Jazzy B as a fool (subtly). Grow up. If we the people were to demand more such films than he would probably sing more songs. Chances are we are going to watch this film and wait till next year's 84 rally to show off. None of us will speak up. At least the guy stood up for something. Look at urselfs. How many pakoras do u eat and than rave about justice.

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The films producer Kuljinder Singh Sidhu is the younger brother of Shaheed Bhai Arvinderjeet Singh 'Goldy'. Many young Sikhs were murdered from Sultanwind near Amritsar, he must still feel the pain in order to take the risk to make this film.

Hindustan Times

A Punjabi film apparently glorifying the Khalistan movement and militant
leaders Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Balwant Singh Rajoana and Jagtar Singh
Hawara is set to release on Friday, with the Film Certification Appellate
Tribunal overturning the censor board’s decision to ban it.
The board had refused certification to Sadda Haq (Our right) after its
producer Kuljinder Sidhu — who also plays the film’s lead, a hockey
player-turned-militant — rejected its suggestion that he delete 20 scenes that
apparently sympathise with the movement of the 1980s and early 1990s.

A song in the film, Baghi (rebel), sung by UK-based Punjabi singer Jazzy B,
praises the three militant leaders for their valour and rebellious nature.
Another song, ‘Dabb de killi’ (pull the trigger), is also believed to be
provocative. The songs have gone viral on YouTube.

Sidhu — whose elder brother Goldie joined the militant ranks and was gunned
down by security forces in 1992 — said there was nothing wrong in a movie
projecting the viewpoint of a militant when films about criminals, such as
Bandit Queen and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, were allowed.

“From what I have observed, by and large the reason (for militancy) was that
people felt injustice was being done to Punjab by successive central
governments… I wanted to depict how politicians exploited the situation, gave
issues a communal colour and used the policy of divide and rule between
communities,” Sidhu said.

The censor board felt the film’s pro-Khalistan sentiment could create law and
order problems in Punjab. “The movie has huge anti-India sentiment and we wanted
some scenes deleted,” a board member said.

Sikh religious organisations, including the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak
Committee, however, said there wasn’t anything in the movie that would create
friction in society. The Shiromani Akali Dal-led Punjab government has also
backed Sadda Haq.

After Sidhu approached the tribunal, it allowed the movie to be screened with
minor modifications.

Information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari, the Ludhiana MP, refused
to get drawn into the controversy, saying “the government does not play big
brother and does not interfere with statutory processes” laid down in the
Cinematograph Act. “If certain sensitivities are involved, it is for the state
government to take cognisance and act accordingly,” he said.

Inputs from Archna Matharu, Amritsar

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The Canadian Sikh Coalition is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with the team behind the film “Sadda Haq” and will be the official distributor for the film in Canada. The film is a revealing and truthful account of the period of militancy in Punjab that spanned the 1980s and 1990s. It brings forward the conditions of the Punjab and its population and role of the central government in orchestrating what would be a genocidal campaign against the Sikh population.


The world’s so-called largest democracy has long faced allegations of suppression of information and censorship of art which it finds not conducive to their “agenda” of continuously bombarding an exploding population with meaningless outputs that will keep the truth hidden for generations to come. If we take a closer look at Indian cinema and film and those in control of censorship through the eyes of Subhradipta Sarkar (Professor of Law, Raipur India), “so long as one makes stereotype commercially viable movies with only songs and dance sequences and follow common formulas of entertainment – there is no harm; but the moment, one dares to speak out the truth against the State articulating his opinion on any sensitive or serious matter through his films or documentaries, which may not be palatable to certain power holders; he is swimming into troubled waters. There is ample possibility of facing censor scissors or political ban.”

It is undeniable that there is an almost open agenda by some within the Indian Union to subjugate minority populations to physical oppression, exposing them to propaganda and information suppression, and finally leading them to a state of psychological/emotional repression. By denying films like “Sadda Haq” the opportunity to be screened within the Indian Union and forcing them to work through judicial systems for years to acquire judgements that are in their favor, but have taken a large toll on them emotionally and financially. By and large the censor board is acting as an agent to this agenda of oppression, suppression and repression being forced upon anyone who dares expose the truth.

According to Canadian Sikh Coalition Director Parvkar Singh Dulai, “Watching this film brings another element into the struggle for sovereignty within the Sikh community. For too long we have been removed completely from the arena of arts and film and have found it difficult to tell our story to even our own people. It is more important than ever for the Sikh community to find creative and diplomatic means to pursue its freedoms and independence from the Indian Union as every aspect of life, including the most basic liberties that are guaranteed to every human being, are at the discretion of discriminatory elitists within the Indian Union. The film “Sadda Haq” will be a strong introduction into what will hopefully become a world-wide educational and informational platform that the Sikh community can use to further their aspirations.”

The movie will be in theatres worldwide on April 5th 2013.


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Punjab Bhawan vich es vele Punjab Government valon "SADDA HAQ" di vishesh screening kiti ja rahi hai. Jis vich Punjab Sarkar de Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, Home Secretary, DGP (Punjab police), DIG Intelligence (Punjab Police) valon "SADDA HAQ" dekhi ja rahi hai. Paramatma sukh rakhe, tuhadia ardaasan di ik vaar fer jarurat hai, kyonki es mauke te vi film te rok lai ja sakdi hai. Kyonki es mauke te vi kuj taakta valon, Punjab Sarkar te es film nu rokan lai pura daba paiya ja reha hai. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh...


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