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When Karakoos would eat at a Villagers House

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That video of Sukhdev Singh from KLF at the wedding shows him singing a parody of Kuldeep Manak's maa hundi aa maa. "Ga hundi he gaa bakriya waleyo." Of course on furms all gup shup can be passed of as the truth.

We had lachar songs playing in our relatives weddings during the time, that too in a kharkoo dominated area and we had a kharkoo in the family. No big deal was made about it. However when u had sexual crap then u were bound to be penalised especially in an atmosphere where Indian armed forces were using sexual abuse as a tool.

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Oh dear.

When im saying banned i dont mean as in outright banned.

People where told by the kharkoos NOT to play music at weddings. You may beg to differ but thats your problem not mine as i know it as fact.

Anyway dont matter what i say as some of you can see only in one direction

We know what we are saying as a fact too. Some of us were there as well.

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