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is dhunda doing katha in delhi gurudwara anymore?


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this is the reason this duhnda is getting famous .............

no need to watch tv serials ( saas bahu ) .... coz dhunda cover all these stories in his katha.....

Delhi Gurudawara committee was under control of Congress thugs through their tout parmjit Sarna. He was doing what was said to

him to do.

He banned Dasam bani from Delhi gurudawaras.

He brought in Darshan Ragi to do propaganda against Dasam bani.

He made missionary Tarsem singh . a kala afghana and spokesman follower as head of Dharam parchar committee.

He brought all these unread missionaries dhunhda, ex policeman sabhra, old head Gurbachan panwan, jagtar jachak, shivteg etc etc. to spread venom from the stage of Gurudawaras for years on.

Previous to that kala afghana books were banned from Delhi gurudawara premises and surjit missionary was not allowed

to hold book stalls there to sell missionary literature. I think that time Avatar singh Hit was the man who banned them.

Sikh sangat taught Sarna and congress a lesson and gave them crushing defeat. Present President stated after election that ban of dasam bani in Delhi Gurudwaras was under a deep rooted conspiracy. he said that he used to read Dasam bani shabads himself in Gurudawras when he was a young boy. He seems to be a sensible man and will not allow cult of missionaries to carry out their nefarious anti sikh designs inside our Gurudwaras.

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i've tried listen his katha twice ( he have no rass or atmik shanti in his katha )

1st time wen i tried his katha ...he said eat meat ... even guru nanak never said no to meat ......BUS DIL SAAF RAKHO.....

2nd time ......he was telling how saas and bahu should behave and how kitchen should be run , how should they both live together and do shopping together and how they should make food ....and most important they should make husbands happy ......OMG

is this gurmat teaching?

thats why innocent people get trapped .....and dey belive DHUNDA SHAHIB is very awesome .....

and wen ppl are trapped ...they start brain washing process......

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P9 = we all expected him not doing katha anymore in delhi gurudwara ( i think bangla sahib)

P9 = so in he still doing katha?

UK = He is there less at the moment as a direct consequence of the political calculations by which Sant Samaj (who oppose him) have to be kept sweet by Badal camp. However, he and others like him will be back at Sri Bangla Sahib by public demand from local Sangat - of that I'm pretty sure.

In my opinion not. Delhi committee president had issued statement that no disrespect direct or indirect will be allowed in Delhi Gurudawaras towards bani of Dasam Granth sahib.Also katha will be gurmat based and not slander or criticism based.

In my opinion their days are over.They are not kathakars but were promoted by congress agent Sarna against sikh principles.

UK = Obviously Paji it was inevitable in the short term that only those agreeable to Sant Samaj would be permitted after the (positive)changeover at DSGMC. I personally oppose Sarna and am glad that the far better Manjit Singh GK has come to the fore, as Sarna's links with Congress and Ponty Chadha clearly disqualified from holding such a post. The disgraceful scenes at Bangla Sahib in recent months were clearly Sarna's doing so good riddance. However, if kathakars are given an opportunity (most likely as you suggest by Sarna to ruffle Badal's feathers) then anti-Congress kathakars like Dhunda Sahib and Panthpreet Singh Khalsa can't be blamed for that.

P9 = 1st time wen i tried his katha ...he said eat meat ... even guru nanak never said no to meat ......BUS DIL SAAF RAKHO.....

UK = P9 Paji yet again you're misrepresenting his position. I don't eat meat despite having his heard his katha a few times and nor do I intend to change from that. All that is being said is that the Khalsa Fauj is not restricted to vegetarian bhojan in the absence of non-meat food being available. So if the Khalsa Fauj only have access to meat during battle or tribes living in the jungle without convenient supermarkets nearby eat non-vegetarian food, we shouldn't judge them over that but analyse what Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj's position was about those that avoid meat but make other human beings lives a living hell.

UK = As for the clip, yet again I see nothing anti-Sikh or atheist about it and good on Dhunda Sahib for criticising the musical dogs that deliberately promote jaath-paath, alcohol, disrespect for women etc in their records (often famously for a Muslim Jatt record label from Birmingham in the UK)

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UK = P9 Paji yet again you're misrepresenting his position. I don't eat meat despite having his heard his katha a few times and nor do I intend to change from that.

VEERJI I DISAGREE ... with u on meat ...but i've seen sikh sangat stopped doing amritvela simran... which they were doing for many years ...... all they were in guru's bana ...and now they stopped wearing dummale ......after listening DHUNDA SAHIB in canada .....

kise nu vi guru to todoge .... narak vich sadoge

UK = As for the clip, yet again I see nothing anti-Sikh or atheist about it and good on Dhunda Sahib for criticising the musical dogs that deliberately promote jaath-paath, alcohol, disrespect for women etc in their records (often famously for a Muslim Jatt record label from Birmingham in the UK)

i'm not saying its anti-sikh .... but this is not Gurmat katha ...... gurudwara is for gurmat katha ......... not for saas bahu stories .........

U KNOW i've never seen him doing deep gurmat veechar ........ ( jisnu sunn'na vi aukha hai )

speaking of all these subject is not kaatha ...... and he is famous ....coz he is a story teller............and not gurmat

AND ONE THING MORE .... let me type his exact words in meat katha ........

" guru nanak ne kithe keha hai ...ke meat na khao .........gurupyareo je meat khanna hai ta khao .....bus dil saaf rakho........"

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P9 Paji you're my brother in the Panth so I won't argue with you on this subject but it may be that Dhunda Sahib did not use those exact words and may have instead been stressing that without keeping a saaf dhill, abstaining from meat becomes less meaningful (as Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj stated in Gurbani) and I might be a bigger Pappi than you if looked at it in that way.

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    • Sikh Reddit is pathetic, it’s run by a fat POS.  It’s natural to want a virgin if you’re a virgin yourself, so I don’t blame u. Especially when you’re religious and following Sikhi, it just feels so wrong to be w/ someone who is not a virgin.  As a woman it’s easy to find a virgin man b/c any man who tells you he is a virgin is 99% not lying lol. But I understand it is harder to find a virgin woman since ur a man. Since ur in the west it’s gonna be 100% even harder, as only 4% of woman are virgins at marriage in the west. Nowadays there are more virgin men than women. A lot of women will also lie to get a good quality partner, they know deep down men want a clean partner so they’ll lie.  Since ur in the west, u have to be very careful. Honestly my best advice to anyone reading this is u just gotta have common sense. Many men don’t, they’re pretty dumb and easily fall in love based on looks and lies. U don’t wanna be a dumb ***** who’s w/ a woman that’s been with the entire city, nor do u wanna be the dude paying this chick alimony, etc (women w/more sexual partners tend to correlate w/higher risk for divorce). U gotta sus out how she is in her day to day life. Dig into her background. Does she often go out, does she have many male friends, are there any stories about her past. If she has lots of luxury items and what not and is always going out, does she work hard for them by working jobs. If she’s velli and always doing that, that’s sus. A lot of women partake in much more expensive things than men and have lots of things b/c they have some simp or beta orbiter paying them, usually in exchange for some lewd things. The number of women I’ve met thruout the years doing this was insane, like even the ones I thought were angelic ones. furthermore does she have a history of smoking or doing drugs, think about how old is she? The older she is the less likely she is to be a virgin. Did she go to a uni, what kind of uni did she go to and what did she study? Women acquire their most number of sexual partners during uni. Is she a woman that doesn’t like the fact ur a virgin or isn’t as into u because of that? Red flag because a virgin woman would want a virgin man so she can feel more comfortable. There’s lots of memes that women prefer “Chad men with high body count” b/c it shows that they’re experienced but nah, that’s just b/c the majority of women are not virgins lol. Does she spend all her day on social medias like Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or whatever? Know that there are many men in her DMs most likely. a woman should be willing to delete her socials for u if she truly loves u. The best person for a relationship is a person with no socials. Another tip is how does she speak and dress around family or outside?. Is her family conservative or liberal? Whenever she does goes out is she usually with her family? i can write more questions for u to think about but honestly it’ll be depressing for u. The true reality is you are most likely NOT going to end up with a virgin (the only way to know is if she bleeds ur first night, even the most repulsive and vile of Sikh/Punjabi women don’t pursue hymenoplasties such as Middle eastern women do, so u should be good). You are most likely NOT going to be with a woman who is obsessed with u and loves u deeply, is willing to do anything for u, many men simp for and obey their women these days and not the other way around. You are likely NOT going to end up in a happy marriage, over 6/10 married couples hate their marriage statistically.  U just gotta keep your hopes up. If u do end up getting married to a witch, there’s not much u can do. Think of ur children and care for them deeply. Be a good man, etc. 
    • I’ve seen lots of alt communities or whatever inquire “which religion is the most tolerant, which is the most accepting, which will accept me as a LGBTQASHFKRLIV148959+, which will accept me because I’ve sinned, which will accept me bc I’m literally a pedo,  which will accept bc I’m a furry” literally stupid things like this and guess what everyone usually replies with. ”Sikhi” the whole modernization thing is a joke, just stick to ur roots. Stop promoting the religion as some kind of charity free for all accepting of all sins and degenerates type religion. Just filth will join the religion then, it’s already happening. The leaders and youth of Sikhi are such a massive joke.
    • Lol this is so common. This is the average wedding. Plus nowadays auntiyaan and young girls are dressing half naked in lenghas and saris and stuff or literally sometimes even a western dress. Men freely dance with women. Plus they hire some naked belly dancer or hire some Bhangra team dancing like monkeys at ur wedding. It’s awful. I assume it’s Punjabi culture. Let’s not mention all the men getting drunk and trying to hit on the women at the weddings.  So many young folks skip the gurudwara wedding too because it’s boring and they can’t get lit even though that’s the main part of the wedding & most important. Amritdhari men and women are less likely to engage in such activities tho, I don’t see them doing this, when they get invited to such weddings they sit in the corner and refuse to engage or dance and such.  I’m marrying into a non Punjabi family and me and my partner went to a Sikh wedding recently because he’s never experienced one and he was shocked and said he thought Sikhs were way more conservative.
    • I hate the way people throw money. It's usually a manmukh tradition to show how wealthy you are and you can just throw rupees around. It's nothing more than showing off.
    • While drinking alcohol is never a good thing, hearsay about such things may be unreliable. The fact is, at wedding receptions, everybody goes: children, drinkers, and non-drinkers. Obviously, there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Are the aunties absolutely sure the uncles were drinking whiskey?
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