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Kartar Singh Jhabbar


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Your lies truly and astounding, yet to claim to be a Sikh. Have some sharam and bring your evidence. Your evidence disproved your own story! This story referred to below is about the time that the Nihangs had come to take over the Akal Takht, As the Akali leaders were in the bazaar, the Nihangs managed to get into the Akal Takht. You this account to state that the Nihangs had control of the Akal Takht from 1800s to 1920. A few hours in charge and then they received a beating.

Have you read it properly.It was by another member and he is not giving his opinion but opinion from self interest sources who may be involved in these shady dealings bringing women to attack Nihung sikhs.

The second provided by you is also from same so called source.

Are you telling us Nihungs were anti sikhs.Take a fresh lease and do some introspect. They were never pro british.British had some standards to deal with religion of others.While they persecuted Nihungs yet they did not take control of akal takhat from them. Why they persecuted them because they did not surrender arms after war. Have you heard Baba Tega singh written by master Tara singh.Take a fresh breath and read that instead of condemning Guru kian ladlian faujan.

Have you seen the degeneration brought about lackey sikhs of congress and akalis in sikh affairs. We would have been far better had nihungs been given control of our takhats.

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Traitorous role of Singh Sabha lahore when they sided with British and went against sikh ruler


The prospects of Maharaja's return also excited expectations of those Punjabis whose lineages were connected with

court of ranjit singh.In 1887 Lord dufferin reported " In every village Dalip singh;s affairs are freely and constantly discussed---

But Dalip singh was a contentious figure among sikh reformers during 1880s.Baba Nihal singh of Khurshide Khalsa (1885)

not only celebrated Ram singh of kuka movement as a new Guru but also anticipated imminent restoration of lahore throne to Maharaja dalip singhIn Response Gurmukh singh an influential figure of Lahore singh sabha took stand to the contrary. British officials were pleased with this response and called it gratifying loyalty.

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The Lahore Singh Sabha came out against Duleep Singh because of a number of reasons.

1. The only support for the restoration of a Sikh Maharaja would have been only from Sikhs and those Hindus and Muslims whose families had been connected to the Sikh rules. The Sikhs were 7% of the population.

2. The Hindu and Muslim population in the 1880's was not of the same frame of mind as the Hindu and Muslim population was in the 1830's. There had been reform movements such as Arya Samaj which was actively anti-Sikh in its beliefs.

3. In the 40 years since the annexation a significant amount of Punjabis had their careers as well as businesses tied up with British rule.

4. Duleep Singh was an unknown quantity.

You can argue for and against what the Singh Sabha Lahore did, but it was at that time a small organisation. The Amritsar Singh Sabha had the greater following among Sikhs in the 1880's. It had the landed classes and the Maharajas supporting them. It was only after Giani Ditt Singh and Bhai Jawahar Singh joined the Lahore Singh Sabha that it overtook Amritsar Singh Sabha.

Sikh kingdom was taken by deceit by british. It was unbecoming of them having not handed it over to Maharaja

Dalip singh when he came of age. Every sikh wanted their kingdom back.That is why they had soft corner

for Dalip singh.

Supporting British against their own kingdom was an act of deceit and amounted to anti national crime.

My all respect for singh sabha lahore vanished when i read about traitrous act of Gurmikh singh having become

British lackey and stabbed sikhs in the back.

Amritsar singh sabha passed a resolution to support Dalip singh's return.We are sikhs and speaking truth is one of our

traits.No excuse can be offered for this act of Gurmukh singh.

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Then stop cutting and pasting other people's views from the SA thread.

You seem to have no problem with viewing the Sikh organisations such as Akali Dal and SGPC, degenerating in the last few decades. Then why is it that you have a problem with the fact that the Nihangs have also degenerated in the last few decades. They are the only ones that went against the whole Panth by becoming Indira Gandhi's chumchay in 1984.

it surprises me why you have anti Nihung feeling entrenched in your psyche. No sikh in Punjab dislikes them except right wing Hindus or Muslims.

They are simple folks who have been custodians of sikhi from the beginning.To start with all sikhs were Nihungs.Read history of Dal khalsa and misls.

You cann;t equate them with corrupt congress and akali leadership. They are far better than them having contributed immensely for advancement of sikhi.

There is a saying Punjab " Aa gaye Nihung, booha khol de nishung" Meaning Nihungs are knocking on door, need not to worry and open the door. This sums up their character.

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Lahore Singh Sabha didn't want Dalip Singh because he smoked and drank and ate meat and was patit + knew he would be in the grip of British

He did it in the beginning and there was no lahore singh sabha at that time.

His cousin Thakar singh sandhawalia visited him in UK and he was administered pahul.

That is how he joined sikhi again.

Read the book Maharaja's box and you will understand that his later years were a great struggle

against British as he ahd turned rebel against them.

Lahore singh sabha did a trecherous act by not supporting reclaim of lost sikh kingdom.It was not about

Dalip singh.It was about sikh rule and no sikh will voice against sikh rule.

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I do not think so. He was in touch with Thakar singh sandhwalia who was his prime minister designate in Pondicherry.

It is not about Dalip singh or maharaja ranjit singh. It is about our own rule, khalsa raj. No sikh of Gobind will go against that.

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