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A Pakhandi Baba From Leicester

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A pakhandi baba from leicester who calls himself "amrik baba" has fooled many people within our community into thinking he has "special powers" and also claiming that the 10 Gurus come to him along with Baba farid ji and other bhagats.

We urge our fellow Sikh brothers and sisters not to fall into this trap. These people are not in any way spiritual nor will they heal your problems. Many families lives have been ruined because of people like this, they put doubts into your heads, they take huge amounts of money and only make problems worse. Whether it be this baba or a baba on the back of the des pardes PLEASE do not fall for it !! The only person and true person we should turn to is our Guru, Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Maharaaj is the only one who will listen to your problems not some guy sitting on a comfy couch claiming he has all these powers.

A humble request to sangat in Leicester to get in touch with this baba and put a stop to this immediately before more families are ruined and fall into this falsehood.


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"Comfy couch" babeh crack me up. They always stay in the most luxurious houses with the latest luxury cars parked in the drive-way. You never see these babeh holding court in a semi-detached house in a rough part of town with a Ford Escort in the driveway. Maybe they know something we dont? :biggrin2:

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I know we find it amusing and crazy watching some fake at work, but this is a real serious issue.

Many many of our people have fallen victim to such con artists.

Sadly when someone is in desperate need of help then they read these ads in the media which claim to be able to wipe away all the bad vibes and negativities from your life.

It's not just financial or family problems it's also issues of health and trying to control straying children.

The con men know very well that there is a market of sufferers out there that they can exploit.

We need to send the clear message out that ONE should ONLY Bow to and follow the jot of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. and nothing else !

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There probably is some very few brahmgianis, mahapursh that probably could do something for somebody, but even then its god that does it, but never would they say they have god inside them, or do sound effects i dont think. The thing is there are so so many fakers ajkal, that it makes it impossible to ever come across a real that is connected to god.

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Dear forum users.

Sri Wahi Guru Ji ka Khalsa Sri Wahi Guru Ji Ki Fateh,

I would like to say to all of my brothers and sisters, that we are very quick to judge those which help those in need and religiously pray and read with the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. and support up-loaders who are not religious and in actual fact live their life's by destroying others. If you have a look at the video, there is no money exchanged. Furthermore, this person lives in a run down area, has a house that is falling apart and actually puts his own money together to feed the poor in India. The real Pakandi's are those which take money from people and are not there to benefit those in need (and I know there are many around). This person is a very good person who saved my life.

I am a very well read person and hope that I am also well versed in Sikhi. Users of this forum should be very careful when commenting on videos which have been taken without consent and have falsely put inaccurate information to go with such a video. Such sweeping statements without actual viewing the true content means that we get swayed by a catching false title. At no time has this person asked anyone to bow down to him. He is a very good person and believes that we should only bow down to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Be careful when judging others, as you should be sceptical about the people posting this kind of material. Anyone true to their word would also expose themselves.

This video was on tube but had to be taken of for legal reasons, due to the inaccurate information and dubbing which took place. Once the poster known as - "Sikh Solider" was exposed on u tube (from a family who practice in the evil side) the second video was taken off instantly.

Therefore, be careful as your comments are supporting those with very wrong intentions such as this family who have given an inaccurate account, simply because of their own wrong doings. Secondly, this person also put down awful comments about the family which were a personal vendetta. Wake up and please see how your comments can support evil people.

Please don't get me wrong as I am fully aware of "false helpers" but this is far from the truth for this particular individual who believes in sikhi, prays religiously and is charitable in both heart and mind. Because of this person I know do my nit nam and rehrass as well as fully endorse the Benthi Cupai for strength. He asked nothing form me but to pray to Wahi Guru Ji and treat people next to me with kindness and love.

With best wishes,

Harkirat Kaur Khalsa

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Erm okeyy... so welcome to the forum Harkirat Kaur Khalsa, I take it your from Leicester? Never heard of your name or heard of anyone who is so in touch with Gurbani through this Baba that they would come out in such vocal support!? But hey... Im just being cynical... perhaps some of the other Leicester sangat on here who visit the local Gurdwaray have come across you?!

As for the original video of your Baba, It was all plain to see... for someone who claims he can channel Devtay/Devis and Bhagat Fareed was it? Something about Islam thrown in? Makes me wonder why you went for Sikhism!? Why become Khalsa when your Baba is mona? Is your baba so special that he doesn't need to keep kesh? Sure you claim there was dubbing... did they "dub" his face and his frantic movements as well? If your baba isnt a fake why was he touching peoples head - to bless them?!

As for the video you posted... erm I dont even know where to start... but well done for "exposing" black magic!

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