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Vjkk Vjkf ji

I'm confused on how a Gursikhi viyah is done.

Take this scenario: a singh singhni like each othe like are cool with each other then what should they do?

One would hope marriage is based on something more than liking and being cool with each other. I feel the same way about my postman but I'm not going to marry him, am I? :giggle:

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I personally think that if we are not in the age of marriage we shouldnt even think about it. It is because it is a vikaar to think about it and kind of makes our thinking go in those type of things. But yes, it is a procedure like parents talking and deciding. Being marriage definately has to do way more than being cool. It is more about where one is spiritually, understanding and similar goals.

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Gursikhs wedding are arranged. There is no dating or any sort of relationship prior to marriage.

If a gursikh wants to get get married he can approach elder Gursikhs who can then find a suitable match.

It is ok if the couple talk after the match has been made to see if they are suitable for one another. However Gursikhs will not be interested in maya (worldy) related stuff but Gurmat - i.e. what is their rehni behni, do they get up at amritvela, do they keep rehit, is their goal in life to meet waheguru.

The wedding of Gursikhs should be a spiritual union.

Bhul chuk maaf jee.

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