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Mehtab Singh

Another Rape Case In India

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And this time its a cow!!!!! SHAME!!!!!

An Indian man has been arrested for raping an injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant, IBTimes UK understands.

Muthu, aged between 50 and 55, was seen raping the animal, which was lying injured on a railway track in southern India. The incident took place in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, local police officer Jayavelu confirmed Muthu, who goes by only one name, has been arrested under unnatural sexual offence act.

Muthu has confessed to the crime and is in police custody.

The ghastly rape was seen by representatives of Blue Cross of India (BCI), an NGO working for animal welfare.

The four-year old cow met with an accident and was lying unconscious alongside a railway track. Officials at the NGO received a complaint about the injured mammal and approached the scene.

The BCI volunteers were initially confused when they saw Muthu alongside the cow.

Dawn Williams of the BCI told IBTimes UK: "We were initially unsure of what the man was doing to the cow. When we went further and took a closer look, we realised this man was inserting his <banned word filter activated> into cow's <banned word filter activated>. There was a bottle of coconut oil kept beside him, which he used as a lubricant."

Williams said the offender attempted to flee the scene and was apprehended by the volunteers. Later, Muthu is said to have asked to be pardoned for the act.

The cow was sent to medical examination and the veterinary hospital has confirmed the animal was raped. The animal has died in the hospital due to injuries caused in the accident.

Cow is generally considered as holy in India and is worshipped in several parts of the country. The incident is likely to shock many.



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As the effects of the age of Kaliyug gets stronger, Kaam is also increasingly gripping people's minds. Things that were once taboo are now being considered 'normal' by Sansaari people. Homosexuality is already come to be considered normal in the west, pedophilia is widely practiced in the Islamic world. Increasing cases of necrophilia and in the story above of beastiality are occurring. It's just a matter of time before incest also becomes acceptable.

Guru Jee has given us a system to implement in our life which can save us from Kaam. By waking at Amritvela, doing Bhagti at that time and through out the day, doing Sangat and studying Gurbani can greatly purify the mind against falling victim to kaam, krodh and other vikaars. One must follow the examples of great Gursikhs of the past instead of listening to popular culture which is promoting perverted sexuality.

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