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Amritharis Looking Down On Or Disrespecting Sangat And Monay

Guest Gurdial Binepal

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100% bandhar.

There are amritdhari idiots and mona idiots, theyre both the same.

Real Truth seekers are of the same- whether amritdhari or not

lets ignore the Gurus and the fact that amrit is very important for a sikh and just make it up as we go along, real truth seekers what's that then ? not another new dera and a nakli baba :biggrin2:

There are some very sincere moneh and amritdharis and they are not idiots and no a true amritdhari is not the same as a sincere mona or truth seeker (whatever that is), so stop making it up as you go along, listen to the katha of bhai Dalla and what Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj said to him or do you have more knowledge about these things than the 10th lord ??

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