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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh

Hi, if this is in the wrong place then I apologise.

But can anyone please help me. I would like to know where to purchase Pro-Sikh clothing, be it of Shaheed,Bhindranwale ji, for example watching the Sikh Channel a few weeks ago, Sarabjit Singh from RajoanaTV was wearing a shirt with images of Shaheed Subegh Singh Ji and Bhindranwale Ji.

On the Sikh ethics show, I believe, correct me if wrong, that the Science graduate was wearing a Republic of Khalistan top.

I can't find any similar shirts on Internet. Does anyone know where to get them ?


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Yes your right, the website looks like it has been hacked or they have stopped trading. They definitely used to sell the t-shirts and immortal productions CDs and clothing. There service was pretty poor though, I tried buying that republik of khalistan T-shirt when they were selling it , they showed they had stock and took payment. Then 2 weeks later they said they didn't have stock and refunded me. Very slow and unprofessional service.

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