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Why Is Rakhi/rakhri Against Sikhi?

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I know its so bad that people have even begun to make pictures of Guru Nanak Dev ji and Bebe Nanaki ji tying a rakhri!


I use to love this pic until I heard Giani Takhur singh jis Katha and giani ji was pointing out that if Guru ji rejected the hindu tradition of the janju taaga (thread), the why would he accept the HINDU tradition of a rakhri taaga! and as far as I know my Guru jis isn't a hypocrite so im pretty much sure that Guru ji never tied a rakhri!

Although I understand its quite a cute thing for a sister and brother to do and I have been doing it all my life until this year, I think im going to do it differently this year so I'll be treating its just like mothers day or fathers day.

Buy a present instead :)

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From what I remember about the origins of Rakhri, it started when a King was going to battle, his sister tied the thread around his wrist to give him "Shakti"

Which would mean the sister tied it "to protect" her brother.

I don't think you are going to stop girls tying rakhri on their brothers. A cheap tacky piece of thread which costs 50p and you get £20 in return, the more brothers you have the bigger the bumper pay.Spend a few quid and get a few hundred pounds back with some suits from your Bhabi as well.

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It's like one of those rituals but why lots of Sikhs still do it? I have seen amridharis sending and tying rakhis. I think it's genetic. Even after so long the superstitious nature and the sense of participating in the rituals hasn't completely gone from Within some Sikhs. What are the other rituals which Sikhs still follow proving RSS agenda? We must ask Sikhs to stop this.

Sorry for misunderstanding. Is pair karma around SGGS sahib one of those rituals?

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its not about we are not free..its about Hindusim is the oldest religion in south asia...NOT only sikhs but somehow buddhists jaini..muslims do the same <banned word filter activated> as sikhs do...The main reason is We all have come out from hindus..So what? our bodies have still hindu blood...its like cancer in our body..Brahmins were so smart and intelligent ..They framed the all indian society as their slaves and pithuu...JEDHI CHEEZ KHOON WICH HOVE OHDA KOI ILLAAZZ NAI......

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Tomarrow hindustani slave mentality sikhs will be celebrating rakhi to show they are not free.

Lets see which so called Sikh will become victim to hindu assimilation.

Just go on any FB sikh page which has posted Sant Dhandrianwales reply to sikhs who tie rakhris and many so called sikhs are throwing so much vitriol his way.

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