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Will The Marriage Be Accepted? Surname Issue.

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Savinderpal singh, if your last statement is your pov, why have been dragging rehatnamey this far?

i am simply stating what is right as per rehat and science

Savinderpal singh, Is your research on rehitnamys over? Please do come with quotation to support your point .I m eagerly waiting

i was searching it in piara singh padams rehatname collection but it seems , its not the original context

i have got my hands on a copy of original identical to one at darbar sahib .

i will read and get back to you, it will take some time.

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Hello everybody. I have a question regarding marriage I would like to ask and seek peoples views and opinions on.

I am in love with a guy and he is also in love with me. We want to get married. Before asking my parents I want to address a small issue that may come up.

My surname is currently Mann. The boys surname is Bahia. Before my grandma got married to my grandad her surname was also Bahia therefore all of my mums nanke are Bahia.

If I ask my parents if i can marry him will this be an issue? Will they disapprove because all my nanke have the surname Bahia or will this be allowed??

Was just curious as if heard of a similar issue like this come up in some far relatives.

Firstly ur nanke are not Bahia, that's ur grandmas maiden name, not ur mothers. It's normally the mothers maiden name and ur side that you should look at for the blood connection. But also bear in my mind if somebody is related to ur grandma down the line.

I think you should ask your family or elder member if are able and look at ur nanke and dhadke first, then research the grandmas side.

You will get ur answer only from researching it with the help of ur family.

Hope all works out well.

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Goth has nothing to do with brahmanvaad. Lets stop with the whole "AHH BRAHMANISM" bullsh*t everytime something traditional doesnt suit our western mentalities.

You would basically be marrying your maternal cousin. Quite possibly blood related. Hence why same got marriages should be avoided. BUT, if thats ok with you, cool beans. Who seriously gives two hoots about who you or anyone marries? You'd be the fool to let their opinions bother you.

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