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Jesus did teach Truth tennents, so did prophet mohammed as per dasam granth ji until he became corrupted.

Give me the quote in gurbani that says that Jesus was full of of it please.

Christianity Has become corrupted over time but not by Jesus. He taught the acceptance of Karam and shaheedi and to do good deeds, his great teaching are too many for me to count+ I dont doubt for a second that he doesnt reside with the other great Gurus and Bhagats of the ages.

I recognise a great soul when I see one.

As i said before i won't get into it here. Read the Bani Bachittar Natak. If you are really interested start a new topic on it.

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Thanks heaps, I know there is a Gurudwara here in Christchurch, so I could check that out sometime soon and so I could really see more.

yes its at landsdowne community centre off centaurus road in cashmere. The original gurdwara sahib in chc was damaged during the earthquake. The congregation is held every sunday at 9 in the morning till about 2. any other quueries give us a yell

And welcome to sikhi!

gur fateh!

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Guest Jacfsing2


tasha9870, welcome to the forum. Your best bet is to read translations of Gurbani (verses from our scripture directly relayed by the Gurus to the world and considered as the Guru Eternal and the Word of God) - to fully understand what the teachings of Sikhism say. If you need the appropriate resources, I would point you to the allabutsikhs.com website as referenced above. It contains the scriptures and the history of the Sikhs and is an all around excellent resource on Sikhism.

We forumites have our own perspectives and views on Sikhism, filled with out own biases, baggage and other associated stuff. I say this as you may venture into various topics and see that we are having some rather heated conversation over some issues. Don't mind us - the intent is always to try to derive the truth or to assist others and hopefully in no way taint your views on Sikhism.

The best thing you can do to truly see if Sikhism is a fit for you is to read Gurbani and establish an personal connection with Sikhism. If it is something that really appeals to you, this may very well be the path you are looking for. Going to a Gurdwara is also a good idea, but understand that the Word is Eternal and Supreme. All else is subject to that Word. So if the Word of the Gurus appeals to you, then proceed as you will.

As for Sikhs who are non Punjabi - they are many coming into Sikhi by their own efforts and by God's grace. You will find that the elders may have the deer in headlights and seem awed that someone non Punjabi is coming towards Sikhi. Most youth are aware of non Punjabis coming towards Sikhi. Apart from an initial, "How did you get here", the youth seem to want to integrate them into their circles like everyone else after a while. they take inspiration from those who come from non Punjabi backgrounds, but eventually would not keep any distinction between you and them as to how to practice Sikhism. Sikhs are a welcoming people and as long as there is no real language barrier (youth should be decent with English, if not native English speakers), there should not be any issues.

This is probably the best answer!
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Guest Jacfsing2

Rather than helping the original poster we have gone off on a massive tangent here and are now at each other's throats, again!!!

I agree not a lot has been done to help this person. I apologize for my distractions of helping op. Rather I forgot the first message because everyone was talking about Christianity.
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According to my research, Sikhism is quite deep as it connects and talks to all aspects of One Universal God/Waheguru - Bhagti(devotional), Shakti (creative/destructive energy-Khanda-Bhaugti-Sword), Shabad (primal essence of sound via various pointers in body and via final pointer in body tenth door) and finally Shabad Gian - (God's divine pure knowledge -Bhramgyan) .

I just wanted to point absolute truth statements (here are some of many) in Sikhi which may help you understand foundation in Sikhi. Once foundation is understood then one can see relative truth in its context.

Sikh foundation is laid by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in Mool Mantra-

Ik Oankar - One universal Eternal unchanged Awareness Being-Light-Knowledge- God- all in one, one in all- expressing itself in its movement - creating, preserving and changing creation spontaneously.

Satnaam- which is Eternal Absolute Eternal existence truth,

Kartapurkh- creative Consciousness,

Nirbhauo- Fearless as resides in all (Fearless)

Nirvair- No enmity towards anyone as resides in all (Without Enemy)

Akaal Morat- Timeless being

Ajooni - Unborn

Saibhang- Self-illuminating/Knowledge

Gurparsad- Awareness Consciousness Bliss and its realized by Gurparsad- by grace of Guru.

In Sikh theology, Guru or its grace cannot be confined into person or physical thing as essence meaning of Guru is (Ikongkar) pure eternal awareness consciousness-chaitan which then immanent itself in its forms - physical living Guru

scripture- Sri guru granth sahib (Sargun), Para Shabad (Celestial emanations of primal sound), Intuitive Divine guidance (bibek)..This immanence is based on individual seekers- spiritual development states as this immanence helps seeker through spiritual journey every step of the way.

Ultimately aim of Sikh is to remove ignorance, remove doership (Ego) by grace of guru and realize absolute Non duality Truth - Sargun Nirgun Nirankar Sun Samadhi aap apan kiya nanaka Ape fir Jaap ||


This is the best answer to a question that I have heard in a very long time.

Satnaam, may the Truth shine bright through His slaves forever. God Bless you Always

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