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Totally agree with truth5..just to add - Yes recitation is important to increase flow of energy- increase surti-concentration or if you are using specific viddhi to start ajaap jaap. I know stories of gurmukh who used to finish sukhmani sahib in their total 24 breath. 24 astphadi = 24 breath. This increases concentration (if you have issue with mind wandering) significantly on shabad only invoking- amrit ras since body breath is connected with mind totally. In this way, mind does not wander away- one gets peace listening sukhmani sahib.

But application of gurbani teaching or vichar of gurbani to your life supersedes everything above as slowly with mannan/nidashan on gyan of gurbani. Gurbani will start drawing you in towards itself automatically breaking your conditioning mind slowly (in adhyatam they call it- gurbani surti nuo blean kar dindi hai for bhramgyan color).

Sri guru nanak dev ji already listed sidhant of gurmat in - sunaie, manae, nidhasan pauri of japji sahib. With sunaie (listening to gurbani) in receptivity without conditioned thoughts or mind- gurbani gives sehaj dhian - spontaneously draw consciouness inward towards sat reality, with manan- application of teaching of gurbani in daily life- gurbani breaks egoic conditioned thoughts or neurotic desire of always thinking- thoughts and defining itself with it and finally transcending through nidhasan in japji sahib is for gyanis (both parkosh and aparkosh gyan) who believes, feel, finally experiences advait gurmat- one non duality reality- everything is one, all in one, one in all.

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