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How To Address Sadh Sangat In Presence Of Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib

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If the Sikh Channel, Sangat Tv or Akal TV will be there to film your announcement then I think the second video above ^ sums up how it is always done by we Sikhs. i.e every person that is even remotely involved with that Gurdwara, even if it runs into the hundreds, must stand next to you, behind you and even in front of you (smaller ones) while you make the announcement.

Always remember, your announcement is important but not as important as the inherent Punjabi need to be on camera.

Anyway, once your announcement is done, join the dozens around you in immediately surrounding the poor, frightened, unpaid intern working for the sikh tv station and ask him or her when it will be shown on TV. Someone else will already ask and you'll hear the answer so you won't have to ask. If the answer is "in a few hours time" immediately join all the others iin frantically calling home and telling your little sister to set Sky to record and, bearing in mind how the sikh tv stations don't tend to keep to schedule very well tel her to record the programme due to start before and after your one too. Then, make your way to your wife and tell her what time and day it will be on TV. She will then say "tenu kidha patha ? " "tu puchia si ?", i.e. how do you know....did you ask. When you tell her you were present when someone else asked and you heard the answer she will then say "tu darda puchan ? " "ja puch ke a", i.e are you scared to ask for yourself you pathetic little mouse....be a man and go and ask. At this point you will go and ask the poor intern the question for which you already know the answer. The answer may, perhaps, be next Wednesday at 7pm. As you make your way back to your wife in order to let her know that you are indeed a lion and not a mouse, i.e. you have asked for yourself, you daydream in your head about whether or not next Wednesday, when it's shown on one of the sikh channels, they will have their usual caption on screen saying 'D-LIVE'. You will smile to yourself as you remind yourself how the 'd' stands for 'delayed' which essentially means it's NOT live but you can't help admiring the way the sikh channels habitually put a 'd' in front of the word 'live'. It makes you chuckle inside but you quickly realise that the rest of the sangat might think there's something wrong with you if you keep laughing to yourself so you brush off that smile, reach your wife, tell her you've confirmed it, ask your youngest if he or she wants to come and sit with daddy on the men's side, they say no, and you walk off to the men's side on your own and sit down with the sangat.

THAT ^ is the way it's traditionally done.

If, however, there will be no sikh tv channel there to film it.....well then you're on your own and, as stated, Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat ji, WJKK WJKF is the way to go.

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Lol@jagsaw ji. But then u press the record button and the red R doesn't show. "Cannot fit this recording in the planner". So u keep pressing it and chAnge the batteries and then that special moment, where u realise it's a live show and arrrgggggggghhhh u can't record it.

. So ur trying to balance the mobile n remote control volume and then "break tho baad milde" lol

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