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No Ban On Sikh Turbans, Only On Burqas, Says France

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Seeking to address the allegations regarding the "so-called restrictions'' imposed on the wearing of the Sikh turban,

France on Tuesday clarified that there was no ban on Sikhs wearing turbans in public places.

The ban, said the French embassy in New Delhi, was only on burqa "for obvious security reasons".

In a clarification, the embassy said France upheld the freedom of religion, as well as the right not to have one, and opposed discrimination on this ground.

The "ban" on turbans, it said, was applicable only in public schools.

"French law in this matter is very precise: the restriction applies to the wearing of all visible religious signs,

without any discrimination, and it applies only to public schools. It leaves it to the heads of public schools

to take the most appropriate measures, so that it is implemented in a sensitive manner,'' said the embassy,

adding that, "There has been no particular problem in its application.''


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Can any Sikh from France/ Europe confirm the above news?

And what is the situation for Sikh students studying in public schools in France?

Are they allowed to wear turbans?

They are simply restating that the ban is affecting the children of sikhs, going to school unless they go private they may not be able to avoid segregation or having to attend without their turbans or patkas. Nothing's changed

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Guest Jacfsing2

I personally don't think anyone should be wearing burqas but it doesn't really bother me, they should have the right to practice their faith freely the same way we should be allowed to practice our freely. (I'd still honestly prefer they left Islam for a more rational religion). The entire ban on turbans is ridiculous, since there was never any Sikhs threatening the nation of France.

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Their country, their laws, cant just show up expecting them to cater to you. Its a restriction that can apply to all religions in the public education system. For the Sikhs who are already settled there it is very unfortunate, I do hope some sort of solution in their favour occurs.

actually they changed the rules whilst people were going through their education , wearing a headcovering even a patka doesn't interfere with learning and the cases brough to UNHRC attention have all been won and the UNHRC has stated that France has broken article 18 of the UN Human Rights document to which they signed on . SO it not justified in any place in France . Rabid secularism is just as much a dogma as any faith there, that fact is ALL sikhs are discriminated against in the public arena as they CANNOT have official documents with their turbans on in the identifying picture , even though they will be wearing their turbans in daily life. This is abusive conduct for no justifiable reason ; most countries state that the official ID picture must be of the person in his/her usual attire with neutral face. The French are being devious and deceptive about it .

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