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2 x Mixed Marriages this Weekend in the Midlands

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There are two mixed marriages in the Midlands this Weekend


1) Gujariti Male called : ----- Patel from Park Hall Walsall is a marry a Sikh female solicitor from Telford.

---- Patel states he mother is a Sikh, but this is not true.

2) Hindu called ------ ------- also known as ------ ------- from Leicester is marring Sikh female from Leicester called ------ Kaur -----

These weddings should be stopped specially if occurring in Gurudwaras.

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1 hour ago, muscleman said:

Why are the Pappus allowing them to marry in the Sikh Gurudwarehs when the ban has been imposed  by their leaders?  The Pappus need to go back to Sikh Darmsallas to learn Sikheee.  I blame their food.  They are eating too many dead animals, responsible for clouding their ability to think clearly. We are what we eat.  

The Pappus of the Sikh realm are over indulging in  rajasic and tamasic foodstuffs, when they should really be consuming only sattvic diet.

What they fail to understand is the fact, that it is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY and 100% IMPOSSIBLE to imbibe Sikheee unless they consume sattvic diet.  

Sikheee compliments sattvic diet and vice versa. Sattvic diet is the only way to go. Sharaab and tabakko are also COMPLETELY, TOTALLY and one 100% forbidden and there are no if(s),  but(s), why(s) or when(s) about it.  Either you follow Sikhee or you don't.

 Sikheee is not about picking and choosing. Sikhee is about LEARNING,FOLLOWING,ABSORBING and FINALLY MERGING WITH THE Akaal Purakh.

The choice is yours.  Either you are a loser, which most Pappus are, or a gainer, which most good people are.




Food? No dude its nothing to do with food or meat or their diet.

Its to do with their low IQ anti-sikh brain and their evil dark heart. If they had a brain they would realise its anti-sikh behaviour to marry non-sikh to a Sikh in a Sikh gurdwara.

If they had a heart they would not let Guru Ji's beadhi get carried out with sham marriage because they have enough love for him and his teachings.

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Also check this non-sikh fool, a so called gyani. This guy is conducting anand karaj marriages between Sikhs and non-sikhs in the carribean islands.

If you notice in his videos in youtube he doesnt even wear a kara.


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