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Admin please check this out. I think my ID has been hacked. 

Im saying this because I've noticed something strange in the likes I gave a user, and now today those likes are not there.  I did not unlike those posts, that I had liked before or another member, that's been here a while, on the forum. 

I still haven't checked the other posts I liked, but only one member I've noticed it's happened with. 

And for everyone else, check everything you like, if they still show. 

Admin: what is the next step for me and those that think there's something strange going on? 

There's definitely something going on, and can you check your security measures, thanks. I'm not sure if it's safe to log on ?

Also sending a copy of this to your inbox. 


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8 hours ago, harsharan000 said:

Some dogs rabies have no cure.

Singing praises of Wahiguru or Guru Jee, does not make one a cultist as you foolishly believe so, rather to get altered by listening to them is a clear sign of being evil and cultist, of which you are a personification.

Each time, anyone sings His Glory, you get mad.

You being mentally retarded, fail to understand the simplicity and clarity of the Bani.

I have already told you, Gurbani is Amrit, even a boondh of it is enough. And this boondh of Amrit, is what your wicked mind calls "tuks" and fails to grasp the reality in it.

Nobody changes any meanings from it here, it is only your ahankaree poisoned mind, which can never ever do understand the purity in it.

So what do you do then?  You start pouring out the endless rubbish/antiguramt you carry within you.

Small children are taught to read and write, starting with A B C D.... up to Z.

Once they learn it, they make sentences and become even good writers and grow in academic knowledge and move forward in life, having matured intellectually.

But there are a few rare cases, where someone is menataly slow or so to say retarded, for when he sees others reading and writing fluently, he foolishly says, hey hey wait a minute, my teacher has taught me A B C D in order, if you want me to understand what you write and say,  he proudly tells others to write all the  alphabet complete with your statements, so I may check if it is right or wrong, otherwise it is wrong according to me ....

This is your case.

You take Gurbani not as Amrit, but as a text book or scripture, and as you are full with poison of ahankaar, not even a "tuk" can be understood by your retarded mind, so what to say, of the whole Shabad.

People who are mentally stable, even a few words for them are enough to understand, and that naturally is not your case.

A shabad can cover several topics, and if a sentence is enough to get the point, why to write all the full Shabad?

Moreover, you are so lazy also, you never ever provide a full Shabad by yourself.

For example, if one has a headache, and goes to the doctor, if he is normal, he will tell directly the doctor about it.

But in your case you being so menatlly limited, you will tell the doctor, check me right from my feet each and every organ, and only when he reaches lastly to the head, you will say, oh yes now it is ok, and it is my head which is in pain ..... utter foolishness

Let us see some more of your  dirty vices which talk about you, how a sinecre and absolute cult you are.

You being imerfect, you judge others opinions and question them and treat them as them making mistakes, when the truth is, you have no right to judge anyone when yourself you are a manmukh ahankaree and above all, a liar.

You want to control their freedom of expresssion, over which you have no right. This is biggest proof, you are the only cult here.

One more thing you bloody liar, nobody become chelas of someone, by just being friends with someone.

This your accusations to Simran Pen Jee, and brother Jacfsing2 , denotes how wiicked cult you are.

In almost all of my posts, whatever Gurabani I mention, is only to sing the praises of Akal Purukh and to devote oneself totally and unconditionally to Him. 

If even that is not tolerated by your polluted mind, then, you are definetely a cult.


Once again, let us see how a big cult you are when you manipulate the Bani, without presenting the whole Shabad as you usually tell others to do so:

Your own words below  in another post:

"so long as the shabad Guru is the teacher of the body it is the real mandir."

Just tell us, which foolish teacher has taught you this rubbish?

Or is it a product of your cultist wicked mind?

Since when the Guru is the teacher of a body.

This foolishness, can never ever be said by even the most mentally retarded donkey in the whole creation.


Try being helpful to yourself by first applying  on yourself what you tell others to do, but you never do.

And for god´sake, do not get irritated by listening His glory, though you do not have that capacity....

Sat Sree Akal.









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3 hours ago, Balait_da_Sher said:

SSA, don't worry I don't think your id is hacked. It's more likely that there is some bug in the forum software. There is another update pending that we will apply soon that may fix issues like these. 

Hackers don't spend time to get into websites to mess around with individual accounts like this.

What could have happened is that you liked a post but the like never got saved to the database. Next time you visited the topic it showed up as not liked.

If you guys see odd behaviour then please msg me with details of what happened, what you were doing and browser .



Thank you for explaining the cause of the likes dilemma. Was wondering what's happening.  

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