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1 hour ago, chatanga said:

In a book I have been reading about the partition of india, there has been some focus on India joining the commonwealth. Nehru was very reluctant to join the commonwealth initially, until he saw Jinnah's enthusiasm for it. When nehru learned that that the one of the pros of joining was that Britian would have to help  India in any military strategy, overt or covert he changed his mind as he thought that Pakistan would call on Biritians help in any future conflict. But the thing that stuck in my mind most was that the Indian govt could very easily have called for, and the British govt could very easily have provided covert support and strategy to india in 1984 for Bluestar.


The British were already arranging the murders of members of the Irish Republican movement at this time through the SAS, and the FRU. The SAS went to India to give assistance to military strategy on attacking Darbar Sahib. The British govt claim that because of the infrastructure of Darbar Sahib, (many buildings in close proximity) the SAS advised against it. A  little strange as it was the ideal arena of operations for the SAS. But seeing as the indian army are not up to the skills of the SAS, the British govt claim they advised against it.

The british made pakistan's ISI spy agency in 1950s. The british have got many fingers in many pies, the only people they never helped was the Sikhs of punjab. And its our moronic leaders who have led us to the slaughter first gaving away our nationhood then our lives in foreign battlefields of europe and asia for someone elses war.

From what I read the Indian govt decided to go for the israel commando training to set up the NSG unit to storm darbar sahib in 1984, they made the claim that the british SAS training was too expensive per solider so chose Israeli mossad training instead. And remember this NSG unit got taken out big time by the singhs who had fortified darbar sahib with strategic defence positions. 72 of these elite indian commando's were killed out right the min they stepped foot in the actual complex, and countless other indian soliders were slained for being the dogs that they were.

So I dont know if SAS advised them much or helped them or not but they dealings in the mass murder of our community is deeply shameful for the british and we should make the british people aware how shameful it is. Its failure of Sikhs not to spread propaganda against thatcher's government and wider british establishment and its role in our genocide in 1984 that has let them get away in assisting in genocide by the ussr soviet allied Indian government. Its our community's lazyness that has led to this and it is our community that wil resolve this situation.


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they just went to their zionist mentors  for help with their SIKH problem , Maggie was killing the Irish Catholics happily at this time remember she was never a human , she knew and protected her paedophile cabinet members: making sure that they were supplied and turned a blind eye .

I would worry less about the past and more about now Punjab's under attack from multiple fronts , the supreme court has basically said Punjab has no rights to water, there has been mass movement of Rapid Action force to close border with Haryana and control traffic on highway1 , the farmers who had managed to sell their crops are now unable to change their money in 500s and 1000s rupee notes as the banks have run out or are running out of money, and therefore cannot buy seed for the new crops. the ordinary people  have had their money pushed into banks to not lose what they have saved and cannot access it . This sounds like shutting down Punjab econmically whilst moving army in to destabilise further by not allowing free movement to outside banks . Already we know 1 million are refugees from their own homes because of forcing out by BSF . Punjabis should be aware and co-operating to minimise the damage being inflicted.

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