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I recently attended a program and Bhai Veer Manpreet singh performed kirtan of very high quality. Searching his next venue, I was determined to reach on time for more. I may have been a bit blind to how we can all help alleviate the immediate dangers to Punjab population which are being highlighted in the media now. However after half an hour of a video show and a touching speech, the solution has been found in sponsoring education to the poor villages in Punjab. 

Baba Ji who runs Baru Sahib now has a plan for which he needs help from all of us - which if I am not wrong was providing 10,000 places all free to support children whose fathers may have committed suicide, or may have succumbed to alcohol and passed away at an early age. The truth brought tears to many eyes - it is very sad. The statistics of near extinction of the Sikh youth are very worrying. However if we all come together and support this charity by sponsoring a child for £25, we could make a great difference to the future of Punjab. 

A similar program will be held at Park Avenue - Sri Guru Singh sabha on the 18th of March. All proceeds will be donated to educatetosave.com - same as they were today. Baba Ji has achieved amazing results, I would say - in terms of what he has managed to do for poor families in India. His institutes have managed to create amazing kirtaniyas like Bhai veer Manpreet Singh Himself too who is an ex-student of Baru Sahib. Babaji is now well into his 90s and still has plans to continue building new schools. 

We should be thankful for all the luxuries we live in. Cars, grand houses, latest mobile phones, new clean clothes, happy families and good education. As Sikhs we should all spare some time to think and devote to those who will carry on the legacy of the Gurus - who will look after our Guradwaras in India - Harmander Sahib, Amritsar Sahib and many others. Posting our opinions on the internet and mere debates on Punjab and its sorry state will not help anyone. We need to remember that they are not there our of their own will. This has been the result of a forethought plan which has disabled them to the verge of extinction. 

The least we can do is support organisations and people who have volunteered to go and offer help single handedly. Let us not leave them begging for little donations while we turn a blind eye and go on to enjoy our little luxuries. By supporting these organisations we will be doing what Guru Ji taught us - sacha saudha. Our money will be used not only to educate a poor child but also to bring them up in the way of Sikhi as each child performs nitnem everyday at Amrit vela. 


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Over the years, i have learned few things and for the past 2 years, i am not donating to any charity blindly. The bigger and well known charity is, the better is to avoid them. I give sewa when i am directly helping someone. 

I totally support you that we all have luxuries in our life and we really should donate our time, effort/energy for the good cause. Our kids see us donating and helping and that alone shapes the future of our generations.

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4 hours ago, S1ngh said:

Over the years, i have learned few things and for the past 2 years, i am not donating to any charity blindly. The bigger and well known charity is, the better is to avoid them. I give sewa when i am directly helping someone. 

I totally support you that we all have luxuries in our life and we really should donate our time, effort/energy for the good cause. Our kids see us donating and helping and that alone shapes the future of our generations.

What have you learnt so that those new to donating can benefit. Would you please share bhaji.

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10 hours ago, singh598 said:

Baru Sahib has achieved a great deal with donations in charity 

since it has  proven record one should donate a little 

Our little Is going to be so big for someone and also for future generations. These children will go on to pass sikhi to their children. 

The schools take in children at a very young age. The children are taught English language as well as punjabi. They are also taught how to perform high quality kirtan. basically Babaji is doing our job - which we as parents should have given to our children. Waking up at amrit vela and performing our punj bhaniya dha path, rehras in the evening and kirtan sohila at night time. 

The girls who were amongst the first batch have now married and settled in the UK, some in India. Our families basically would go for girls from Baru Sahib as their daughter in laws and wives as their education and moral standing is of a high standard. 

The main situation in India since Independence has been that Punjab was a very well off state. However the government has slowly by slowly - been taking away facilities and manpower from the state to reduce it to the sorry state it exists in today. If they would not have done that, then we as Sikhs would be having a totally different place in History today. We would not have been receiving news of drug addicts and the depressing songs which have now begun to emerge. It is a big last cry for help - many of which have been emerging from the sacred land since centuries gone. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself had responded to one of these cries when the mughals and others were invading Punjab. Sikhs were placed on the forefront to fight for the Independence of the whole Indian country. Hindu families after having faced atrocities from the ruling class swore to give their first sons to the Sikhs. That was our origin - and our panth grew in those days. the enemies who wanted to invade india including the British were always met with great resistance which they could not overcome. Sikhs have contributed to India being where it is today. 

Sikhs are responsible for the creation of the Great British Empire too. The number of Sikhs in the British Army who fought in the forefront - for the victory and the Empire which the British now enjoy - was brought about by our own ancestors sacrificing their lives. The number of Sikhs who have been sacrificed in these world Wars goes into their tens of thousands but history has never taught us that. It has been a fact which has been hidden away while the victors claim their false victory. 

Whilst the least powerful were left behind, slowly by slowly - any excuse has been made to finish them off in great numbers. Today we have no place to call our own. Guru Nanak Dev Jis birth place falls in Pakistan and we need a visa, which is not very easily got,  to go visit our own sacred places. 

We have been left to fend for ourselves and our lands which have been robbed out from our people who have been cruelly destroyed and robbed of their basic human rights of speech, education, jobs and mental wellness. 

We may be thankful to Guru Ji that we were lucky to be born out of India - where at least our families had a chance of remaining together and we got the basic education with which we can at least communicate with the world and earn a decent living. However we have forgotten our past. 

My 7 year old son was asking me - as we were talking about people and countries of their origin, which our country is. I had to tell him - sorry we are from India - but neither is our language the national language of our country and neither is it being taught now in our state of Punjab. This is what our identity in the world has now been reduced to. Today if we decide to go back to our country - there is almost nothing but empty fields to go back to. No industry, no means of survival, no relatives and we live in hotels. How did we not see that coming? We have been asleep for so long now. 

Are we supposed to forget our history and move forward into the future? What future are we moving into as a panth. Our Guradwaras are empty as the youth are busy with their studies to earn better money. We have all the money now - but nothing else. Loneliness, disease, depression and neglect in our old age is all we have reaped. 

Therefore we need to wake up and look after our heritage - whether it is in the Punjab or in other countries. We need to start to go regularly to the Guradwara, learn our path, educate our children, share our lost history and educate ourselves too. Every little effort by everyone will make that great difference which will make Sikhi bloom and blossom once again. 

Babaji is making requests for financial help in Guradwaras where the youth are simply not present to listen to his pleas. So let us wake up while we still have our youth as it is only then we can be able to achieve anything substantial. 

This is what the bani which we read at the bhog of a sehaj path tells us 


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