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RSS launches a fresh attack on Sikhi by its books

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In other thread, while the sikhs were busy waiting about the coming back of Kalki (vishnu 10th avatar) to come and save them --perhaps because the kirpan our dasam pita gave us has rusted , hence we rather wait for the dasam vishnu (kalki) , the rss has launched a fresh attack on sikhi by its usual tactic -- distorting history and assimilation of sikhs into hindu fold.

In the new hindu textbooks launched by RSS , Guru Arjan dev ji sahib is called a "Gau bhakt" (cow worshipper) and encourages all hindus to "become" like Guru Gobind Singh , as if Guru Gobind Singh ji were an ordinary mortal . Guru Arjan dev shahadat was a sacrifice for 'Sampoorna Hindu Samaj'. There are also objections to some historical facts represented in these books.

Then there're books named 'Guruputra Fateh Singh Zorawar Singh', 'Guru Tegh Bahadur' and 'Guru Gobind Singh' in particular, about whose content there is unrest.

Guru Gobind Singh ji , which to us is a guru/prophet has been compared to an ordinary mortal , Shivaji , the founder of maratha empire.  This is blasphemy to another level.

Sikhi and Khalsa has been reduced to "Hindu power house" (against invaders) in these books


Now will you still say "hindus and sikhs have close brotherly relationship" ? "nau maas da rishta" my foot ! 

Even the author , a hindu brother himself is appaled by the kind of evil agenda and craap in these books . 


WAKE UP SIKHS ! WAKE UP ! they want to slowly hinduize the coming sikh generations by such education 


source :http://www.catchnews.com/india-news/how-hindutva-groups-are-provoking-sikhs-by-meddling-in-their-community-affairs-112771.html

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when they had laila majnu , heer Ranja in our sikh itihaas museum why was there no uproar ? because Panjab's youth are already full of hindu brainwashing and bollywood dip-ishery.   Captain obese has removed sikh history BOOK from 12th grade education to be replaced by a couple of chapters hidden away in Indian History textbook which do not mention much about anything ... so the quote Milan Kundera made is coming true :

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history.

— Milan Kundera



after all we as a people need to understand and enrich our understanding of our roots :

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” –George Orwell



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5 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

when they had laila majnu , heer Ranja in our sikh itihaas museum why was there no uproar ?

Which museum was that?

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Guest AjeetSinghPunjabi

Bhai Gurdas ji's composition had a reference to laila majnoo or something like that . You can search Gyani maskeen ji's katha on that. 

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Heer ranjha bs is not sikh culture. Punjabi sikhs are so obsessed with it that growing up I thought heer ranjha were apne lol 

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What do you guys think of people who do katha at the gurdwara quoting baba bulleh shahs poetry? Because I'm seeing more and more of this 

What's your take on this ? 

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    • Guest SinghAbb

      Quebec's Sikhs need your help!
      Bill 21 bans all public sector employees like teachers, police, and lawyers from wearing any religious symbols. This means that Sikhs can not work while wearing their Dastar, Kara, or Kirpan. This law cannot be struck down by a judge for its violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms due to the Quebec provincial government's use of the notwithstanding clause. The Federal government is capable of repealing the law (disallowment) but they will only do so if the public forces them to. Disallowment can also only happen within 1 year of the bill's passing. Time is running out. Every Sikh in Canada needs to contact their Member of Parliament through email and phone to say that this law violates human rights and needs to be repealed.

      Bill 21 Awareness Resources
      In this link, multiple documents to spread awareness are attached. The word document for the small flyers can be printed black and white, double sided, and cut into four. You can add in your MP's information before printing, or just print it as is if your area has multiple MPs. Everything helps. Please hand them out at your local Gurdwara and other public places.
      To find your MP and their contact information, use this link: Find your MP
      Make sure to use your postal code for the search. If you use your city name you might end up with the wrong MP.

      The poster is attached as word, pdf, and jpg. It should be put up in all local Gurdwaras and other public places. Share the jpg and have it displayed on any TV screens.
      The announcement document can be changed to Punjabi font and given to people to make announcements at Gurdwaras. Announcements need to be made multiple times everyday.
      Anyone is welcome to modify anything if it needs improvement.

      Please sign the WSO petition: WSO Quebec Petition

      The response of Canadian Sikhs has been disappointing and weak. It is as if we don't care that the Sikhs of Quebec lost a lot of careers. There are about 500 000 Sikhs in Canada. That petition should have more than 500 000 signatures by now. If all Sikhs had recognized their duty to the Panth, then that would have been the case. Instead, there are, at this point, only about 2000. We should be ashamed. Take initiative to contact your MP and sign the petition. Take initiative to make everyone else in your family, Sangat, and community contact your MP, by email and phone, and sign the petition. If you don't do it, no one else will. If you are lazy now, then what face will you show to Guru Sahib? Think about it carefully.

      If we fail to put enough pressure on the Federal government, then they will not use their disallowment powers. And when 1 year passes, it will be too late and the only hope then will be for a new Quebec provincial government that is willing to change the law to be elected. This is unlikely due to the number of imbeciles in Quebec that are racist or don't recognize the human right to practice one's religion. So disallowment is the best hope that we have.

      Do not let the Sikhs of Quebec down; help in any way that you can!
    • When he's ready brother. Besides, kesh or no kesh, it doesn't detract from the good work he is doing.  Maybe some of those who've grown up without ever cutting their kesh in the UK could perhaps stick their necks out a bit more like this guy too?  Thanks for the share. 
    • Not a problem. The flu lasts 5 days at most; a week at worst. No need to plan a timetable without Nitnem. If a person can stare at a smartphone all day when supposedly ill, Nitnem shouldn't be an issue when the effects begin to recede. Get back on the wagon.
    • I heard Suleman's tape. He was speaking like urdu like paki despite his claim of being 1000 years old.
    • Stick to learning about Sidh Gosht 

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