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Who's responsible for the drug menace in punjab ? and why only punjab ?

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Which one of these ?

  1. Pakistan wants to destroy sikhi and is throwing drugs on the indian side of border . This was shown in movie "Udta Punjab". 
  2. Indian govt is aware of pakistan doing it but couldn't care any lesser because it helps keep sikhs broken and pacified so they don't do another insurgency like the 80s. 
  3. Indian govt is purposely doing it so as to destroy sikhi youth and thus destroy any rebellious tendencies so as to safeguard its own territorial integrity.
  4. Badal ke are involved. 
  5. Its more of a social issue than a political one . And sellouts among sikhs and gangster elements responsible for drug menace
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Rap music was initially about bringing people out of crime, positive social change etc and now look at it! drugs, alcohol etc Government and other powerful people control the media and entertainment industries and they use it to dumb people down.   

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On 6/25/2018 at 6:27 PM, puzzled said:

From what i know the drugs come from Afghanistan, then go through Pakistan and then into Punjab and then from Punjab spread throughout the country. Afghanistan and Pakistan are probably even more badly affected than Punjab is, heroine addiction is out of control in Afghanistan. Funny how most of Afghanistan has been bombed down yet the poppy fields have not. Governments make a lot of money out of drugs and drug trafficking, So why would Punjab government care to tackle the issue? Even here in the UK government is making a lot of of tobacco and alcohol. The UK has a huge problem with alcohol and smoking right now if the government really cared they would do something about it but they wont because they profit from all this. The whole thing is a scam!   

Same with the beauty industry, it makes billions and it uses celebs to endorse an impossible physical beauty standard which then your ordinary dumb girls are going to try and achieve by buying those products. The government controls media everywhere, and media has really dumbed women down.  All these moisturizers, anti ageing are <banned word filter activated> 

Same goes for baldness/hair loss. Of course they know how to treat it, medical science is so developed now, scientists can even clone things, their even thinking about bringing a Wolly mammoth back to life yet they don't have a cure for baldness lol 

CIA and US govt kept poppy fields going  by killing the taliban who were destroying the fields and putting it under armed guards.

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Sant bhindranwale gave parchar and helped thousands of Sikh youths in 70s and 80s to stop taking intoxicants (drugs and alcohol) and turns out the UK and Indian colonialist establishments conspired to have him and thousands of those other spiritually alive and awake amritdhari sikhs martyred.

You guys can do the math why they want the drugs and alcohol business trade to infect and infest Sikh punjab and also the  rest of the world.

It's a business at the end of the day and it makes the enemy population docile and under control/influence of the drug pushers.

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