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Westerners and Sri Dasam Granth


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1. Treks is a typical gori seeker - looking for something but being put off by misunderstandings about CP in Dasam Granth ...

2. It seems she does love gurbani ,but doesn't get it ...i.e. how Shabad is Guru is Naam

3. local sangat tried to put her into typical punjabi pigeonhole for bibian i.e. if you are not sikh/married to a sikh what are you doing here?

4. She felt just by dressing like punjabi sikhs she'll blend in and open them up

5. She didn't look at any other sources of information just english commentary on DG and sikhi

6. her western feminist upbringing coloured her reception of information from bani , thus she picked feminist ideals above asking questions and finding out  more i.e. context of CP for instance the first criticism was of the old king's lust not the queen. How all humans are guilty of being like this not just women.

7. Her rejection of DG extends to recitation of nitnem bania




1. sikhs need to stop assuming each and every person will follow the same lifestyle choices prior to arriving at Guru ji's door

2. just because a women is seeking for herself , it doesn't mean you can dismiss her

3. More gurmat anusar translation of DG and contextualisation of CP necessary to be promoted

4. elimination of missionary/anti dasam crowd's voices as if they are authorities on all sikhi

5. acceptance of people not matter where their start point is  , and make sure they are given a broad background in sikh ithihaas

6. more  parchaar of DG and Guru Granth Sahib and rehit ..


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Guest GuestSingh
2 hours ago, Dsinghdp said:

It was a racist Gora. Most Whites like us Sikhs.

Don't know about that....

Most of them will be nice to your face and if you copy them (by thought, speech and action making yourself a liberal, whitewashed coconut) but behind your back, you don't know how they really feel or what they say about you.

They are sly and fake people who can be careful/manipulative with their words. They're not to be trusted at all, just like muslims and hindoos.

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