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Sant jis and Akali rift


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The government was very schemy in the way they try to deal with their enemy. Saam Dhaam  Dand Bhed. 

Bhed is the most dangerous since that weakens the enemy by dividing them. They tried to spread lies about Sant ji by saying he was a congressi and some even tried to say Sant ji wanted to declare himself as a Guru.

The Mughals  had done something  similar when dealing with Baba  Banda Singh Bahadur. They divided the Sikhs back then by spreading lies, giving rewards and even claiming that he wanted to make himself a Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh ji understood enemy tactics which is why He had Kavi Sainapati translate arth shastra and even gave hukm(one of the 52 hukms) to study the text translated by Kavi Sainapati so we don't get outsmarted by the enemy.

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Government staged crime and then blamed it on sant ji and amritdhari sikhs.   Same tactics are being used today   nihangs cut of policeman's arm  and somehow the hindu media linked it to Khalistan. British media does the same with sikhs. 

Hindu m.l.a of bhatinda surinder kapoor himself reported that the government threw cow heads into a mandir and then blamed it on sant ji.  Punjab police carried out robberies and then blamed it on sant ji and amritdhari sikhs. 

It's a age old game. 



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