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'Green revolution' of Panjab a failed western experiment?

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Very interesting. Basically, we've screwed up our land & water, with cancer and drug-crisis as the end result.

Another interesting point, which I have heard from other Indians, is that Punjab was "chosen" for this high production of rice/wheat at the cost of other states. A further elaboration would be nice from someone more knowledge of this. 


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i have a relative in bathinda who tells me many urbanites go to this organic farmer (a gora sikh) on the outskirts of the city for their vegetables. He makes a killing apparently! The gora says apne don't appreciate the value of this fertile land.



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The ‘Green Revolution’ is far from being a ‘failed’ experiment.  It has done exact what it was designed to.  The water table has depleted to the point where harmful elements are carried into available drinking water causing cancer.  The real culprit is not the farming but the diversion of the mineral rich water from the Himalayas, that once used to fill the canals carrying water into the fields.  The Tractors came along and the once hilly terrain was levelled flat to the point that natural irrigation was no longer affective, as water could no longer roll down the hills to water the fields like they do in the UK with rain water.  This was supplemented by bore-wells which could provide water throughout all seasons and flood the flat paddy fields.  The farmers enjoyed the concessions and became irresponsible with the wastage of water.  The demands for free ‘Electricity’ were met by all CM’s in Punjab and and to this day is the reason why Punjab is has been bled dry.  The canals once again could be filled with water by taking back control of the rivers, the free electricity concessions can be halted but the terrain has been flattened with use of lasers and tractors and is now beyond natural reversal.  Greed and Central Governments deliberate decisions to destroy our land is the cause for the state Punjab is where it is at now. 

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